Vision Quest

What are you willing to give up in order to have everything change?


May – September

Sacred Ground International, Montana


The blessings of the Mountain are subtle yet powerful, loving yet demanding, peaceful yet may change your reality forever. The Mountain is a very sacred place that moves to the Ancient Wisdom of Oneness and All things, calling forth the conscious knowing of who we are, why we are here and the peace and joy of being welcome and highly purposeful.”


We are living in powerful times of metamorphosis. Perceived crisis and breakdown are catalysts for reconnection and unity. Compassion builds bridges, empathy and strengthens our bond to all our relationships. So many of us are being called to remember, reconnect and restore our true sense of purpose, so that we can be of service to ourselves, to humanity and to our more than human communities in these times of radical change.

In order to truly remember, we are called to remove ourselves for a time from the bonds of our old life and stories. We are asked to give up the old and outdated parts of ourselves and our lives in order to create space for new experiences and opportunities to flourish.

In order to truly reconnect to our innate human gifts to honour and cherish life, we are invited to embark into the wild lands of earth once more and apprentice ourselves to the voice of nature. If we are called, we can step into a modern initiation – one where we seek our unique vision and story in the weft and weave of the world.

NATURE NURTURES, wakes us up, and calms us down. We gasp and marvel at its beauty and its power to destroy. We are Nature, with absolute dominion and power to create. When in Nature we refresh and renew – it is the perfect setting to truly ‘rest’ and re-member who we are. The question is ,”Are you ready to accept your true identity and walk it into your life?”. Now is the time to step up into the leader you were born to be.


Many are called, few are chosen by the land


For those that are ready, an exclusive group of three unique and gifted Vision Walkers are waiting.

Brooke Medicine Eagle, Earth Keeper, wisdom teacher and visionary, Tanah Whitemore, Director and Founder of Sacred Ground International and Genevieve Boast, Founder of Beyond Human Stories will walk with you for a quest into the heart of our human interconnectedness and your unique purpose and story on earth. You will be immersed in evolutionary leadership, wisdom teachings, new paradigm science and experiential indigenous practices, whilst spending time on the land in Sacred Ground, Montana.


The Practice

In traditional cultures, the practice of Vision Questing was undertaken in stages and layers. Often people will commit to a four-part journey, with the duration, depth and dedication increasing at each successive stage. This allows for transformation to take place gently and subtly, aligned to the specific pace and trajectory needed by each person questing.

A person is prepared for each journey physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually by their guides although the quest itself is an individual and solo experience. Time and space are given afterwards to allow the quester to assimilate and process their experiences, embodying them in a way that can be taken back into their everyday world for the benefit of them and their wider community.

People come to a vision quest when they are ready to let go of everything that holds them back from living their greatest story and legacy in the world. In order to fully surrender to and benefit from the powerful process, they need to be ready to let go. To die and be reborn in the truest sense of who they are here to be.

The journey requires humility as well as a deep respect for all of life.

If you embark on this quest, you will be forever changed.

You will become who you came here to be.


The Format

This journey is designed to be an blessed, personal adventure that creates lasting changes in perception, behavior and life choices. It is likely that you will wish to return multiple times, over a period of years to complete your transformation.

Your quest will be tailored to your specific needs and can take many forms including –

– Personal work with Brooke, Tanah and Genevieve – with your choice of length and focus; (see below)

– Time being embraced by Mother Earth, being bathed in the remembrance of your unity and interconnectedness

– Walking in pristine wilderness where no other human feet have been

– Nature nurtures – connecting to the ancient wisdom of how to live a truly human life

– Connecting to the power of this sacred place in order to step up in service of your unique gifts

– Thinking, speaking and living in universal truth


7-Day Journey

Includes the activities above and an additional Vision Quest day on the land;

  • Walking out on the land
  • Supported alone time on the land in your chosen place of power
  • Narrative transformation work
  • A blessing ceremony
  • Nurturing rest, reflection and healing through organic diet & exercise

10-Day Journey

Includes the activities above and an additional 1-2 day Vision Quest, (purification lodge if available);

  • Walking out on the land
  • Supported alone time on the land in your chosen place of power
  • 1-2 day Restorying medicine journey
  • A naming ceremony
  • Nurturing rest, reflection and healing through organic diet & exercise

13-Day Journey

Includes the activities above and an additional 3-4 day Vision Quest, (purification lodge if available);

  • Walking out on the land
  • Supported alone time on the land in your chosen place of power
  • Ancestral clearing work
  • 24 hr Sacred Story ceremony
  • A medicine wheel ceremony
  • Nurturing rest, reflection and healing through organic diet & exercise




Wisdom Teacher

Brooke Medicine Eagle, is a legendary Earthkeeper, wisdom teacher, healer, singer/songwriter, catalyst for wholeness, and sacred ecologist. She is the best selling author of the Native American literary classic, Buffalo Woman Comes Singing, and of The Last Ghost Dance. Brooke spent her ranching childhood on her father’s original Indian allotment, the Moccasin place, now an integral part of Sacred Ground. Over the last 35 years, her many music recordings, teachings, writings, conference appearances, and wilderness spiritual retreats have touched the hearts and minds of people all over the world. In January of 2000, in recognition of her remarkable contributions in bridging cultural gaps in our world, Medicine Eagle was one of 30 people to receive the special Magical Blend Millennium Award, along with the Dalai Lama, Mikhail Gorbachev, Jean Houston, Oprah Winfrey, Deepak Chopra and others.



Author, Founder / Beyond Human Stories

A life adventurer, whistleblower and insatiable optimist, Genevieve has always leapt off the cliffs that life has offered her into the potential of the unknown. Prior to running her own social enterprise Emergency Happiness, she spent 10 years working in the fields of Continuous Improvement, Corporate Social Responsibility and Leadership Development. Her current business, Beyond Human Stories, continues that passion – working with people and organisations, creating new stories and paradigms in education, business and global society. She has recently completed an Msc in Responsible Sustainable Business and continues that work in the fields of new business and sustainability. She currently travels the world as a speaker, facilitator and coach working with a wide and diverse range of people helping them master the art and science of story-making.



Director / Sacred Ground International

Tanah Whitemore, Director and founder of Sacred Ground International. Eco-rancher, Medium, Spiritual Scientist, Consultant, Owner/Designer of Native Vogue. Tanah, a true visionary and artist was raised on The SGI Ranch. She pursued life and several careers that took her around the world. An award winning entrepreneur/fashion designer/publisher and public speaker. She returned home in 1993 to begin yet another life and career… Today, the Sacred Ground International is held and managed by Tanah. She is the guardian and wisdom keeper of this unique ecosystem and shares this sacred knowledge with those who seek it with an open heart.


Your guides gifts

Brooke Medicine Eagle

  • Personal counseling/ consultation / mentoring
  • Shamanic illuminations, extractions, soul retrieval
  • Body work and transformation – Brooke trained with Moshe’ Feldenkrais
  • Health, wellness, weight-loss
  • Trauma release – Somatic Experiencing
  • Readings: cards or casting of medicine stones
  • Lessons in harmonious, sustainable lifeways
  • Simple aboriginal skills (for comfortable living in wild nature)
  • Plant awareness and living in harmony with nature
  • ancestral healing – clearing the past of epigenetic challenges

Tanah Whitemore

The Science of Manifestation

  • Choose and have the life you want
  • Learn to choose vs settle
  • Understand your ‘Absolute Dominion’

Connection with soul’s journey

Connection with spiritual guidance

Reading the road signs, seen and unseen

Genevieve Boast

The Art and Science of Restorying

  • Delve deeply into your unique personal story using experiential exercises and alchemical principles.
  • Learn to hear your unique inner voice and story thread among the noise and chaos of the world.
  • Explore core masculine and feminine archetypes to bring meaning to your personal mythology.
  • Create a vision of your future that inspires and catalyzes personal and collective transformation.

Pre and post quest support to allow you to prepare and integrate your journey


Why Sacred Ground International

Sacred Ground International, (a charitable foundation) is headquartered on 3500 acres at the base of the Pryor Mountains located on the Crow Indian Reservation near Pryor, Montana.  A model of sustainable ranching that utilizes principles of Conservation, Preservation and Restoration of both cultural and natural resources.  It is home to a Buffalo Preserve, Paint Mustangs, wildlife, pure natural springs and wilderness landscapes.

It is an ancient land and landscape. A place where millions of buffalo roamed, tribes lived their ceremonies, quested, danced and lived in communion and collaboration with Nature. They are still here. The geology is literally crystalline, the springs and water flow pure, the energy and vibration is extremely high. It is beautiful, diverse and has a voice. It is where ‘we’ come to quest and renew. When given a choice, the best will always do and that is what we have chosen for you.

Today, the ranch is held and managed by Tanah who spent most of her childhood on the ranch, plus many adult years learning and deepening into the richness of this remarkable land. “ This Mountain is a very powerful place.  Many have come here from all over the world to drink the Medicine Water, lay under the sun and stars and awake the ‘natural’ rhythm of remembrance, knowing and healing.  The geology is ancient, crystalline and home to the seen and unseen.  Mystical, yes, and yet profoundly grounding. Here, waiting for you!”



Prices vary dependent on the nature and length of your quest

Connect with us to discuss your specific journey and requirements


Price will include

  • Pre Quest preparation sessions, exercises and support with Genevieve, Brooke & Tanah
  • Accommodation and meals during the vision quest journey
  • Post Quest support tailored to your specific journey

Price will exclude

  • Travel to and from Sacred Ground International, Montana
  • Any additional activities or excursions outside of the vision quest schedule
  • Travel and medical insurance
  • Visa (where appropriate)


50% deposit is required on booking to secure your place (see our Journey Terms and Conditions for full details). Please contact us at to obtain further details or receive answers to any additional questions you may have.



If you are being called, then you must come.......