I believe that we all come into this world with an inner spark that we carry across universes and lifetimes. It is this inner light that guides us when we are lost. One of the core purposes of our human lives is to remember and embody our spark of personal genius, pursuing its trail without distraction as we grow and evolve. And yes, I believe that we all have the ability to embody genius.

Without listening to our spark, we become listless and stagnant. Depression and lethargy are by-products of shutting down its urges. When we forget to listen to its voice, we forget who we are. In a way, we start to die a little bit every day. We try and numb ourselves to the pain of our forgetting this fundamental part of our spirit.

Extract from Tough Bliss: Restorying Life



I believe that we all have within us ‘genius’ that is waiting to be remembered.


What is your immediate reaction when you read that?




Not me?


I am ok but not genius?


Your reaction is likely to be coloured by your definition of what genius means.


I have news. In late middle English, genius originally meant “an attendant spirit present from one’s birth, our innate ability or inclination.”


Well – this certainly puts a different spin on things don’t you think? What if we restoryed genius from our current social definition of ‘outstanding intellectual or instinctual ability’ to something far broader and more core to the human spirit such as ‘the inherent ability or soul gifts’ that we each come into the world bearing.


The key to this universal ‘spark’ genius is that it needs to be remembered. And in order to remember it, we must first become aware that we have forgotten. The side effects of our forgetfulness are depression, stress and dis-ease in various forms. Sound familiar?


Most of us experience chronic, underlying stress when we forget who we really are and try to live by someone else’s definition of success (or genius). I believe that we can only truly be happy when we feel free. We can only really be free when we live by our own rules / stories and inherent spirit.


I have spent my whole life on a quest for freedom.


I have been lost more than once. I have fallen and failed multiple times. Yet each challenge has only made my resolve to remember stronger. Each failure opened the inner door wider to my personal expression of genius.


If you have a sense that you have forgotten the unique innate spirit that you were born with and are suffering the signs of memory loss above then all you have to do is stop walking down the path you have been on and find a new one. Take your first steps down a road that leads back to you and your true original story.


It’s time to begin your quest back to yourself.


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Ready to remember freedom?

Let us walk with you.


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