This weekend I was gifted with a 48 hour period away from my normal story. My wonderful husband booked us into a tree house yoga retreat in the forest just outside of Sydney (at the amazing Billabong). It was just what my soul had ordered, yet the outcome was not exactly what I was expecting. In fact, what I ran up against as I came to my yoga mat multiple times each day was the strength of my own inner resistance.


Resistance to what you might be wondering?


Resistance to change. That old friend.


You would think for someone who works in the field of change and transformation that I would be pretty good at this by now. Ya’ think? Not always and not exactly.

How many of us have tried to make a change in our life, only to experience our initial momentum slow, enthusiasm drop off and the desired goal ultimately fail after the first wave of energy?


All of us right?


So, why does this happen? If change is the only constant in life – as so many mystical and scientific traditions would tell us – then why do we struggle with this so much as human beings? For me, the answer comes when we start to look at what ‘resistance’ and its experience means to us in our worldview.


For some, it is something to be avoided, ignored and at best escaped from through a variety of distraction methods. In this world, inner resistance is seen as bad and a sign of weakness that either needs to be fought against or run away from. Some people run away from their resistance all their lives externally, whilst secretly beating themselves up inside for their failure to tackle it. Some people numb it away. Others, however, find the courage to face their inner resistance and redesign its meaning to them. This is where resistance leads us to the very thing that breaks it down.




Repetition of coming face to face with your fears, your anxiety, your desires, and your unfulfilled longing again and again.


Repetition of practices that allow you to relax, reconnect and remember the life hacks that allow you to eventually overcome your resistance to change.

For me, resistance is now a doorway. The uncomfortable nature I experience is a positive sign for me that I am breaking through a comfort zone and entering into new territory. Resistance is something to be worked with, contemplated and softened through a variety of means. Yoga in my case is a powerful one!


The word ‘Re’ originates from the Latin meaning for ‘again’. Therefore any practice that is re-peated again and again in different forms, allows us to re-pattern our re-sistance and ultimately leads us to a complete re-story of our worldview.

When we continually come back to the thing we wish to change in our life whether this is our health, our appearance, our skill set or our environment, we get the opportunity to see it differently on each day and each occasion that we return.


For the last 13 years that I have been practicing yoga, each time I have come to my mat has been different. Each event holds new emotions, new physical circumstances and a new mental landscape for me to become aware of and explore. Each instance of re-petition gives me an opportunity to discover a gift that will change my story.

In my experience, we only achieve lasting transformation when we develop a practice that can be repeated in different ways at different times to bypass and restory our resistance to change.

This is one of the reasons I believe that gyms and yoga studios are so popular – they provide a safe space for us to come into and explore ourselves from different angles at different times in our busy lives. A practice ground for evolving our bodies, minds, feelings, and souls.


Restorying is the natural outcome from sustained, repeated practice.


It is for this reason that we are re-visioning some of the Beyond Human Stories services and offerings. Taking what we know works from our years of experience, we will soon be inviting you, our community, to help us create a new space for transformation and narrative alchemy. An offering that will help you redesign your story of resistance. For good.


Watch this space.

Practice being with your resistance.

See where it leads you.



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