Ever wondered how you would react if you found yourself in the midst of crisis?


There is a wildfire burning on the mountain side opposite our home as I sit here and write this. Right now. I am writing this ‘live’ because it feels important to share this as it unfolds.

It’s around 10 miles away from me. Yes, I am safe, and yes, I ran right outside and called in the forces of the land, the elementals and the angels.


Because this is the ‘work’.


Am I afraid?

I was startled at first.


Then I realised that this is an opportunity to practice what I teach and aspire to.

Then I made a choice: a wildfire that could burn homes, harm animals and humans and destroy the mountains I love so dearly was not in my reality.


I stated this loud and clear to the Universe. I acknowledged – as my friend Tanah Whitemore reminded me on a few moments ago – that the fire was God, I was God, the rain was God. It was all God and therefore all ‘good’.




I just called in the powers of the Thunder beings. I asked them for their assistance in coming to help the firefighters who were tackling the blaze in a very organised manner (I am listening to the Sheriff’s Radio – they are an incredible, calm team of professional beings going about their job to protect life).


I also called in my human tribes – I asked for their loving prayers and assistance. The beauty of What’s App! They are holding me in a calm place of power and choice. I felt strong knowing they are there.




I just asked for guidance on what I could intend and command to assist the fire in going out and felt the rains gathering. Having lived in England for much of my life, I have a somewhat love/hate relationship with rain, however here in Colorado every rain is celebrated as something that reduces the risk of fires.


So I just started to call on the rains. I’ll be honest, I didn’t recognise all the words that came out of my mouth as English. I don’t know what I was uttering but it was powerful, and I could feel the gathering energy over the mountains.


My invocation of them increased in tempo and passion and I found myself almost chanting or singing to the Thunder beings. Then I felt the gathering of my more than human tribe around me. Those beyond form and those of different form.


In particular, I felt the energy of Slim Spurling come to me (an incredible being you can find out more about him and his technology here). He nudged me to go into the house and get the biggest light life ring I could find (helpfully, I had placed an order a few months ago that my God Mother had brought to me this very afternoon). Ripping open the packet I found the largest ring inside and took it out on the driveway to scan the fire and send rain energy in that direction. I spoke my invocations through the ring and felt the power increase exponentially!


I was trembling all over. I stood and felt as the rain clouds gathered all around me, barely able to believe what I was seeing.


Then I felt the first raindrop on my skin and I wanted to shout in celebration.

Then another, then another….. then I heard a voice say, “you better go inside unless you want to get soaked”.


Then came the deluge.


I have never seen a storm gather so quickly and dump so much rain right over our heads as this one. The Thunderers answered my call with their voices and the rain poured down on the valley and the fire. Sheets of water lashed our home and moved across the valley drenching everything and everyone in their path. I jumped up and down on my deck as I too got soaked and loved each and every raindrop that came to my call.


Then it was over.


I heard the Sherriff’s radio saying they were watching the fire as it was calming on our side of the ridge.




I just got back in from filming on my iPhone and dancing in celebration on the drenched land.


And I cried.

I cried in gratitude and grace.

I cried with the memory of how as conscious human beings we have the power to call in massive assistance when we are clear on the highest outcome for all life.


And I cried with the sheer joy of knowing I had contributed my small part to the resolution of a fire that has still so far burned no houses and harmed no beings. The fire crews are working diligently to contain it completely and will do so with grace I am sure.


Never think that you aren’t powerful when you are in full awareness of the choices you make and the words of power you utter.


Always know that there is help on a multitude of dimensions that is waiting to come and assist you in these moments of crisis.


And know that this is one of the sacred roles that we humans play in caretaking our Earth.

To protect her and protect life.


As I finish writing this blog, my hands are shaking from joy and my cells are humming with the knowledge that I just went through an initiation.



With you all by my side as you read this.


So next time you find yourself in ‘crisis’, don’t forget your power as a part of God and creation itself.


Restory fear and step into magic.

You have that ability.

We all do.


So let’s start to use it on behalf of life.


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