I have had the great honour and pleasure of spending the last three weeks in the company of my teacher, Aunt and friend Brooke Medicine Eagle.


Brooke and I first met in Montana in 2015, and have been working, dancing and learning together ever since. As a global visionary and Earth keeper, Brooke has spent decades, travelling the world, teaching people about love. And I mean ‘real’ love. The kind of love that binds us together in the web of life.


In the foreword to my book Tough Bliss: Restorying Life, Brooke reminds us that we are living in a time of prophecy. A precipice moment in the history of humans on Earth.


Let me tell you a story of an amazing being who walked across the water into central America a few thousand years ago, bringing a teaching of love from the heart and oneness with each other and the great Creator. He was called the Dawn Star, Quetzalcoatl, Feathered Serpent, Lord of Wind and Water – among many other names. The Dawn Star moved among the people sharing his Flower Song teachings and eventually made his way back to his central temple in Golden Tula. There, he offered his final words before leaving. He said, “We have come to a critical time, a crossroads. We have created a very beautiful time, and IF you continue these ways of unity and love, your lives and the Earth will grow in beauty into a golden time and the feats you accomplish will be even more powerful than mine.” Yet, with some sadness, he continued with these words, knowing that the people were not ready and able to keep the practice and ways strong. “If you do not keep these ways of love and unity, if you separate and divide, and judge and fight, you will fall so far that standing here in Golden Tula on this radiant day, it seems inconceivable.” And the people could not keep those ways, so what ensued on the American continent was genocide – native tribes warred and joined with incoming foreigners to attempt domination over others and everyone lost. It was a nightmare beyond imagining. 

So, here we are again in our time, facing a crossroads. It is a critical time for us to make positive choices, to choose a story of love and cooperation, caring and sharing and reconnection with all life, so that we can manifest a golden time for Earth, rather than the destruction and neglect that now holds sway. Now, more than ever, we must find our own story of empowerment and joyful service.

Extract from Tough Bliss: Restorying Life



And so here we are again. What will we choose?


When I find myself working with a powerful myth and story such as this, the temptation is to jump into the esoteric, mental realms and stay there.




Because the translation of these deep teachings into our daily physical and social lives is challenging. We are faced with habits of thinking, patterns of meaning and cycles of aspiration that have been in place for millennia. In the time of a crossroads, we are being asked to disrupt and transform these on micro and macro levels. Change our stories of Me so that We, Us and All can transform and evolve. This can seem impossible at times however, as our habitual collective stories are subtle and often operate on levels beyond our daily consciousness. This is where the power of working in circle comes in.


In the workshops that Brooke and I held this month, we sat in circle with some amazing humans. We listened deeply to astounding stories of courage and tenacity in the face of ancient bias. We held loving space as tears were shed and hearts cracked open, creating permission for others to do the same. We were awed again and again by the level of systemic change being undertaken by the people in our circles and we honoured the bravery this takes in a human world that still conspires to stifle collective action.


Love is the foundational code of our universe,” I found myself saying to the circle.


Love can be tough and soft depending on need. It is the strongest force there is” Brooke reminded us later that day.


Love unites and bonds.

It structures and dissolves.

It emerges and flows.

It is both particle and wave.

The molecules of our universe are made from love.


When we restory what LOVE actually is, we realize that we are made of this. We see that all things are formed and created in its light. We see that love is the biggest hack we have to transform the stories that no longer serve the flourishing of life.


Awakening to the truth of real love is the evolutionary story of our times.


Will you be brave enough to change?


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