How often do you find yourself wondering about the new ‘normal’?

What will life look, feel and sound like when this current COVID crisis is over?

Socially what will the world look like after lockdown?

Who will return and what new face will they wear?


And will it happen again?

What then?

So many questions abound right now and none of us know the answers for sure.

None of us ever will.


Once metamorphosis has taken place there is no going back to how things once were.


When we enter into The Return stage of the Vision Quest, we are returning to our people, our family and our society – but we are changed.


The thing about our current situation is circular – because we are all in this together right now so is everyone else.


For me there is no ‘new normal’. In fact there never was a normal.


What I have repeatedly experienced time after time as I return from quests is a new balance and feeling ‘natural’.


A sense of coming back into self and soul.

A harmony with the world around that brings a new level of interconnection.

A new sense of natural responsibility for life and the lives of others (human and more than human).


The ‘you’ that returns from this global vision quest will be different from the ‘you’ that entered into it, of that you can be certain.


Whether the difference is wholesome, healthy and balanced is the choice you must now make.


So what ‘new natural’ will you choose?


What new choices do you wish to make now before they are thrust upon you?


Join Giles Hutchins and I as we explore the third and final stage of the Vision Quest – The Return.

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  • Richard Bellars August 18, 2020   Reply →

    So beautiful and true. Yes, the ‘new natural’ has been calling for many months/years….and its voice has been getting ever louder this year of 2020 vision. Blessings & gratitude x

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