This week I offer a prayer that flows from the heart of the waters of our planet.

I offer a prayer in honour of the water that flows through our human bodies as blood.

I offer a prayer to the element of flow that facilitates evolution in our Universe.

I offer a prayer to the waters of life


I AM Water

I AM very old

I came from the heart of exploding stars

From the beginning hydrogen and oxygen atoms made love, sharing electrons, and creating H2O

Just as every element in the Cosmos is conscious and has a story, my story is one of the most ancient

In my Cosmic, plasma form, I was attracted by the growing beauty and diversity of the Earth and I danced into her atmosphere, clothing her body in the primordial waters of the planet that you know as your mother home.

Swirling and swaying with Gaia, facilitating the explosion of Life in its myriad forms

Water is an ancient conscious

The shapeshifter of the Cosmos

Come, journey with me, as me, as you in the endless dance of water as life

In my liquid form, I flow, I wave, I drip, and I go everywhere I am needed

As the living breath of the water ways, I move underground through the nervous system of the planet communing with its ancient wisdom and remembering the stories of creation.

I emerge through springs above ground flowing through rivers, streams and lakes on an eternal adventure towards the great watery wombs of the sea

As I flow and dance, I am kissed by the fire and light of the solar star.

In the transformative embrace of Eros, I arise metamorphosising into shimmering vapour and mist.

Delighting in the transformation of my experience.

Embracing the liberation of the air element as I play in elevated insights

And then, I begin to slow my movement and form connections with other water molecules. As we commune, we cool and in community, we are reborn as a collective being through the clouds.

We float across the horizon, sending messages of illumination to all the creatures of Earth.

We speak an ancient tongue, full of symbols and secrets for those with the hearts to see.

Rising, cooling air currents transform me into drops of life-giving rain, hail and snow. Each a sacred geometric fractal, containing the codes of life.

 I fall, over oceans, valleys and mountains, I fall over cities, villages and homes. I fall to the Earth, bringing nourishment and sustenance to all growing, evolving beings.

I wash away grief in waves pulled by the gravitational love of Luna the Moon

I cleanse anger and fear

I release the stagnant emotions built through constraint

I heal again and again and again


I am forever returning

 Bringing the wisdom of each wave of motion through a joyous cycle of transformation

I am consumed as life by the soil

The plants drink deeply of me

The animals partake of my sustenance

The humans gather me for their own

Drink of me now, consume our shared wisdom gathered from the dance of life through plasma, liquid, vapour, mist and now you.


Humans are 60% water

Every living, animated being on the face of the Earth is made of Water flowing through the shared veins of sacred life

Dance with me now

Sing as me now

Speak for me

Utter your sacred prayers and blessings for the water that you are and always have been

Utter words of power that honour this ancient knowing

Water see’s

Water feel’s

Water knows

Water speaks

To all those with the hearts to listen

Life is water dancing its potential into being

Life is water wisdom, eternally emerging

Life is animated water

Will you dance with me, as me, caring for me now?

As you care for yourself and all beings?

For all beings are water



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  • Elizabeth Stewart October 12, 2021   Reply →

    It’s raining out, I’m sitting at work in my booth, I have meditation music playing and begin to meditate with my eyes open just incase a customer comes. I begin to focus on the reflections caused by the puddles and a song title pops into my head. Rainy Reflections .. I start jotting down everything I see in those reflections … then it evolves to human reflections and I feel things getting deep. The connection between the reflection in the puddles of objects and of human lives reflecting in the mirror. The truth is obscured with the reflection in the puddles, upside down, backwards, missing parts, even appearing larger than they really are. Much like looking in the mirror and seeing only the shell we occupy while on this earth plane. Again the truth is obscured, hiding the heart and soul … who we really are. I decided to Google.. soul reflections .. and you popped up. Well I’m so glad you did. I love your writings. They are just what I needed to hear to help me continue to stay in my heart space and stay true to myself in these crazy times. Thank you very much and cheers to divine intervention. 😁

    • Genevieve Boast October 13, 2021   Reply →

      Thank you so much for sharing this Elizabeth – I love your reflections on the mirrors in water….I am definitely going to meditate on this 🙂
      Perhaps even write something in honour of your inspiration! Soul reflections indeed. Thank you for being one of mine 🙂

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