When was the last time you had a ‘private’ conversation with yourself?


You know – the secret ones that you would never wish to share with anyone else.


The ones where you stand naked in front of your inner mirror and admit all the things that you think inside but deny even to yourself?


These are the dialogues that change your world.



Because they strip you of everything you repress and hide away.


When we are young, we are taught that to speak our mind in every situation is wrong.


Often the adults around us are threatened by the raw truth that is spoken by young ones because it speaks to the very things that they themselves are afraid to speak, let alone admit that they think.


So, after being punished a few times for ‘speaking out’, we learn to supress.

And what we supress ends up being hidden deeply in the basements of our subconscious to fester as beliefs about what we need to hide in order to be safe and accepted in our social group.


Pretty standard human behaviour you might argue.

And yet it is causing us so many problems.


If everything in the Universe is energy, then our thoughts and beliefs must also conform to this. Thinking (and feeling) certain ways creates energetic patterns that in turn command the events that we experience in our life.


Just think about the last time you secretly felt angry at someone only to have them turn around and reflect that anger right back at you before you had time to admit it. If you ever had any intention of admitting it that is. Most of us don’t.


We have developed patterns of behaviour that protect us from feeling like a ‘bad person’ for thinking about people and situations the ways we do. Most of us have a massive judge inside that will say the most hideous things about ourselves and others, simply because we think that no one can hear us.


But someone does hear us.


That someone is our very own sense of self.

And often we don’t wish to think of ourself as a judgemental person so we hide these thoughts away where we think no one will find them.


Deep inside.


Yet the very act of hiding them creates energy blockages through our denial.


And energy blockages create illness and dis-ease.

They maintain an ever-present sense of anxiety and stress that we can’t quite put our finger on or discover the true source of.


Over the long term they can make us seriously ill.

With the diseases of the mind.

That eventually impact the body.


So, the only answer is to go digging.

To sit ourselves down and have a disclosure session.


The more we purge our honest thoughts and feelings in the privacy of our own being, the less we are hanging on to deep in the closets of our consciousness.


The less we have to hide.

And deny.


So why not sit down in front of a mirror.

And be honest with yourself.


Let go of the judgements and the blame.

Purge the shame from your system.


And then you can laugh.

At the joke of being human.


And resolve to let go of your old blocks.

That keep you separate from life.


Before they pull you down into the dark basement of fear.


Come on.

Let’s shine a light on all that is hidden.


So we can evolve.


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