Today, I sat on the mountainside.


My back to a large Ponderosa Pine tree who’s bark smelled like caramel.

The sun had warmed the pine needle carpet underneath me and it pulsed in waves of hot earth aroma, more pungent than oil.


The nearby Juniper tree, spoke softly to me as I worked to quiet my inner noise.

I had to work at it, but eventually, my mind calmed and my thoughts quieted.

I allowed myself to relax and simply notice what was happening around me in the celebration of life.


Chipmunks went about their day and chirruped in surprise when they came across me.

A quiet human.

A rarity in these parts.


The Eagle flew over, circling low on a thermal to make sure I had seen and rejoiced in his beauty.

And I did.


The Nighthawks continued to teach their baby to fly and allowed me to smile as she jumped from stone person to stone person stretching her beautiful wings.

The Ant found me and climbed onto my knee for a while, smelling the air as I did and then bidding me farewell as he left on a quest of some kind.

I recognised his impulse because it was my own.


But my quest was for silence.

With so much noise in the human world around me, I was seeking solace.

Adventuring for moments of grace.


I figured that Nature as my mirror was my best teacher and guide in this ancient practice.

I also knew that the relations that sat with me, be they Tree, Stone, Soil, Eagle or Fox, recognised my pilgrimage. They knew as I did what happens when we enter into the silence within.

We remember.


Silence within, creates silence without.

The fastest way to find peace is to become peace.

Dynamic peace.

Peace in action.


The most powerful stories are told from a place beyond words.


Move beyond noise.

Court silence.

Remember who you are.

Reinitiate yourself back into the web of life on this beautiful planet.


Come sit with us.

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