Stop for just one moment as you rush to get out of the door.


As you run for the bus, the train or the car.


As you silently resent the kids, the dog, the phone, your emails,


For their seeming intrusion into your life.







What is it?


What do you wish you had the time for?


Do you even know?




When was the last time you allowed yourself the luxury to dream?


Real dreams.


True dreams.


Choice towards freedom.




Do you feel trapped?


Suffocated by a life you never intended to choose?


Smothered by a story you have found yourself ‘accidentally’ living within?








More importantly,






How do you feel about loss?


What about fear?




When was the last time you allowed yourself to look these characters full in the face and feel their impact on your life?






Be still for just sixty seconds.




When was the last time you relaxed fully – without a trace of tightness in your muscles?


When was your mind smooth and coherent – without tracking your never ending ‘to do’ list?


When did your chest last breathe freely – with no catching of your breath in fear or anxiety as you contemplated your life?


When did you last cry for joy instead of sorrow or pity?




The world is waiting for you to enjoy it.


Not in the future ‘when things calm down’.






The world awaits your appreciation and engagement.


Your love of simply living in conscious awareness of its beauty.


Your joy in the adventure of being human.


Your active hope and decision to live well and responsibly.



One choice


Will change everything


If you truly want it to.




Just sixty seconds can change your story.


One deep breath can transform your world.












Stop – Just Stop.




What do you want to do with your one, precious lifetime?


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