Many people over the last few weeks have been asking me to describe in detail the process of storyhacking. What does it mean and how do we consciously work with its transformative elements to create change in our lives?


So here is my Storyhacking 101.

Storyhacking in its simplest form is about seeing the drama of life. Seeing and consciously choosing how you wish to play your unique role in the human and more than human story on Earth. We each get to pick the characters, the scripts, the backdrops and the props that we use to bring to life our adventures and dramas.


The game changer comes when we realize that we are the only ones with the choice (and the ultimate responsibility) for the play that we find ourselves acting and living.


**Yes – I know you have probably heard this a million times in different forms but have you really taken it in? If you ever find yourself playing the role of an unconscious victim, complaining about what hand life has dealt your way then the likelihood is that you have forgotten your ability to storyhack.


Your job is to remember that you have choice.


Choice hacks unconscious victimhood.


Much like the metaphoric movie of our own creation, our lives are enacted on an individual and collective stage. We cycle through an evolution of characters (that I call archetypes), across our lifetimes trying on different costumes, masks and worldviews in order to learn and grow within the planetary ecosystem on Earth.


Just like the theatres of ancient Greece, we also move through a number of acts in our life play, each one with a different theme and tempo. Some know this as the Hero’s Journey. I know it as the Restory Cycle.


Act 1 – The Spark of Genius. The Beginning. Innocence. The Adventurer or Fool.

Act 2 – The Tests of Life. The Forgetting. The Actor. The Rebel.

Act 3 – The Clues. The Remembering. Hope. The Seeker.

Act 4 – The Metamorphosis. Death and Rebirth. Surrender. The Warrior.

Act 5 – The Gifts. The Return. Resurrection. The Sovereign.

Act 6 – Unity. The Universe. Completion. Harmony. The Lovers.


Of course at the end of one play, we realize that we are living within an eternal spiral of life and we come full circle only to begin again as the old tales tell. At the start of the next cycle, we start at a higher frequency and with a more advanced evolutionary stage. The archetypal characters evolve and the choice landscapes and lessons expand. This is the realm of the Mystics and Alchemists where a whole new set of props and tools with which to write life come into play.


With each journey around the restory wheel we are given (or gifted) lessons and tests that have the potential to open doors to our human super powers. I call these storyhacking tools –

  1. Super Awareness
  2. Super Choice
  3. Super Connection
  4. Super Creation


Each of these super powers in the human play has a signature emotion that acts as its herald and its shield. It’s the internal and external sign that shows us we are consciously utilizing the super power to hack our personal and collective story.


Super Awareness brings Clarity that leads to Truth.

Super Choice brings Freedom that leads to Abundance.

Super Connection brings Love that leads to Forgiveness.

Super Creation brings Imagination that leads to Evolution.


Being a storyhacker means that you are awake in the dream of life. That you are AWARE that you have CHOICE and you CONNECT to a bigger purpose and adventure that serves life and CREATES freedom.


Victims stay asleep.

Storyhackers jump out of bed each day ready to don new masks and write their own life scripts.

We have designed a free journey survey for anyone who wants to become a more powerful storyhacker. As you answer these seemingly simple questions about your story and your life patterns, you will gain clarity over the key leverage points in your life that can be hacked to create transformation using your evolving super powers. You will start to see which Act you are currently living in the Restory Cycle and how to move forwards into new characters and new landscapes.


Your gift in sharing your journey and insights with us will aid the co-creation process in our coming storyhack studio, so we can respond directly to the needs of our community.


In return for sharing your clarity with us, we will send you a tailored storyhack when our survey is complete at the end of June, specifically designed to help you move forwards in the play of your life.


Want to know how to storyhack your unique life ecosystem?

Help us to help you.


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