Back in 2013, I was sat in the middle of Utah canyon country, midway through an eleven day vision quest, and I was told (categorically) to dedicate my life’s work to helping people move beyond our human stories.


At the time, I barely had an inkling as to what this meant or the grand adventure that following its trail would take me on. Six years on, I am starting to grasp the wormhole of truth, power, energy, and inspiration that this one statement holds for us individually and collectively, should we choose to accept its challenge.

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Many people over the last few weeks have been asking me to describe in detail the process of storyhacking. What does it mean and how do we consciously work with its transformative elements to create change in our lives?


So here is my Storyhacking 101.

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To recall past events and learn lessons from them is one of the oldest mythic traditions in the human lineage. Since ancient times, people have gathered to recall legends, retell tribal stories and teach young ones through remembering the adventures of those who came before them.


Therefore it comes as no surprise, after decades of working with narrative transformation and restorying, to find that it is the inner landscape of our memories that hold the most fertile ground for the creation of our future.

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