This week I found myself reflecting.


This Wednesday was the 11th November 2020.




If you are a student of numerology like my mother or astrology like several of my friends this was an important date for many reasons. Master numbers, planetary conjunctions, Universal forces coming into form. The story of potential was big.


And yet amongst all the bigness of what is undoubtedly happening in the world right now, I found myself reflecting on the journey of the last 9 year cycle for me (9 being the number of endings and beginnings).

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To recall past events and learn lessons from them is one of the oldest mythic traditions in the human lineage. Since ancient times, people have gathered to recall legends, retell tribal stories and teach young ones through remembering the adventures of those who came before them.


Therefore it comes as no surprise, after decades of working with narrative transformation and restorying, to find that it is the inner landscape of our memories that hold the most fertile ground for the creation of our future.

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