It seems to me that we are surrounded by a lot of death right now.

The death of loved ones, the death of ecosystems, or the death of old and outdated world views. Even the death of our identities as we move from one stage of life to the next.

In the western world, death remains an enigma. Taboo. Something to be avoided at all costs in our culture of worshipping perpetual youth. However, it is inevitable for us all. You could say, the other side of the coin of life.


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A few years ago I awoke from a powerful dream. You know, the kind that comes from somewhere outside of the normal mental shenanigans that our brains work through in sleep. A dream that contained within it a potent message.

I am naked, sitting on a white wooden chair in a room of the same colour. Looking down at my body I see words appearing all over my skin as if they are tattooed. All the words begin with ‘re’.

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