Back in 2013, I was sat in the middle of Utah canyon country, midway through an eleven day vision quest, and I was told (categorically) to dedicate my life’s work to helping people move beyond our human stories.


At the time, I barely had an inkling as to what this meant or the grand adventure that following its trail would take me on. Six years on, I am starting to grasp the wormhole of truth, power, energy, and inspiration that this one statement holds for us individually and collectively, should we choose to accept its challenge.

It is a master key in the game of life on Earth and opens the lock to a handbook for how to be human.


It helps us to hack the old cycles of neglect, abuse, and isolation that we all seem to be pretty damn good at!


Stop for a moment and think.


  • What is your number one complaint (you know, the one you hear yourself saying repeatedly)?
  • What frustrates you the most in your life (that often is the source of the complaining above)?
  • What in your life saps your energy and takes away your vitality?


Your HONEST answers to these questions (if you choose to stop long enough and be real enough with yourself), will give you an insight into where your ‘human stories’ need hacking.


Most people can get to the point of allowing themselves to answer these questions. Very few, however, have the tenacity, courage, and instinct to look in the mirror and move beyond their associated excuse stories into real change.


Do you?


The answer to this depends on how comfortable your discomfort zone has become.


Many choose to stay in the realm of mediocrity and suppression of their real desires for way longer than they could / should / would if they simply knew how to free their energy, vision, and vitality.


Many wish they could change but have no idea where to begin on the road that leads to inner and outer liberation.


So let me give you a clue (three clues actually) to the core missions or quests that I believe form the basis of the storyhackers journey.


Remember – The mission of illumination.

Most of our human problems stem from a deep forgetting of who we really are. We wear the masks of society like actors in a play that we have forgotten we are the authors of. The first challenge of any storyhacker is to discern personal truth from lies, authenticity from insecurity and remember the unique spark of soul genius that you were born with. As we start to remember our true desires and dreams, we become self-illumined and self driven. We no longer need to seek truth in the outer world because we have remembered it within. The superpowers of awareness and choice bloom, as we undertake this quest into our truth.


Reconnect – The mission of intimacy.

We are living in times of advanced isolation. Millions (if not billions) of people across the planet feel lonely and misunderstood. When we remember who we really are, we lower our social defenses, stop holding back and show up authentically in the world. Like a moth to a flame, we find many people attracted to our light. The second challenge of a storyhacker is one of true connection. How do we show up ‘naked’ and real whilst maintaining healthy boundaries from those who would otherwise drain us? How do we become intimate with the human and natural world and tap into the ever present, eternal well of energy and inspiration that our planet gives freely to each of us? This is the mission of reconnection. Here we unlock the superpower of connection and start to move from separation to interconnection.


Restory – The mission of imagination.

Then we come to our biggest challenge yet; one that asks us to leave behind any vestige of separation. We are asked to fully remember, fully reconnect and then fully slay our inner victim forever. This is the quest of ultimate self-responsibility that leads us to awakening as the writer of our life. Here we must put to bed any traces of blame, denial or complaint. The final super power of a storyhacker is hard won and requires a deep and sustained commitment to humility and truth. Here we must continually move beyond any human stories that keep us separate from our own inner power and the inherent power of life in the Universe. The mission of restorying, brings with it the superpower of creation. We rediscover our ability to think and feel our world into form and allow the biggest story of evolution to be written through our life.



A grand adventure indeed.

One that many of us are now choosing to take together.

Have you found your tribe of storyhackers?



Why not join ours?

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