What is it that you most long for in your life?


I wonder if it’s the same as me.


The same as most beings actually.






Something along those lines?


My longing is always for union.

The deepest form of connection that I dare to bring myself into relationship with.


Union within myself.

Union with those I love.

Union with life on Earth and in the Cosmos.


Union over separation.


Yet I often find myself running away from the very thing that I most desire.



Ancient patterns and habits of protection.

A sense of ‘me’ vs ‘we’

Stories of separation.


All of that and more.


So my practice over the last few months has been one of fusion.


A dear friend and elder, Brooke Medicine Eagle once told me that to bring the thing I most desired into the world, I needed to become ‘the living prayer’. What did she mean by that?


That to dream and wish is not enough.

When we are manifesting our desires into realty we are asked to bring them into our lives by word and action.


Indeed in ancient Egypt the very process of ‘story-making’ was one where once the spark of a dream came into awareness, it was visioned through our thinking, given shape through our speaking the words of power and then brought into life through our actions.


In modern times perhaps the phrase ‘fake it till you make it’ might be relevant if not somewhat tacky here 


Personally I prefer to look at the process of story-making as one of fusion.


The dictionary definition of fusion is the process or result of joining two or more things together to form a single entity


I practice coming into fusion (and perhaps communion) with the very substance and fabric of the dream that I am breathing life into. This way I become the living prayer – resonating every cell in my body, mind and spirit with the story that I am birthing.


How do I do this?

Allow, accept and embrace.


Richard Rudd of the Gene Key’s first spoke of this process to me.


When we drop our defences and allow an energy to fully come into our systems, it fuses with us – merging the energy field of that which we desire and co-creating new molecular structures in the fabric of time and space.


Sounds complex?

Not really.

It involves your imagination and your permission to accept and embrace your dreams into reality.


This is the crux of it.

Do you have the courage to embrace your dreams and fuse with them?


Sounds easier than it is believe me.

When we become the living prayer of the dream field, we realise how powerful we are as creator beings and by default we must then accept that everything in our life, we have chosen and made a reality.


Fusion brings responsibility.

It brings power.

It brings sovereignty.


Fusion brings everything that we think we desire into form.


So be mindful and heartful of that wish you dream for.

Fusion will create it.




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