One of the biggest tests we will encounter in our busy lives on this planet is that of ‘the blank space’.


Huh? You may ask.


The blank space is one of the hardest to find and yet it’s there all the time. Waiting.


The blank space is called by many names, none of which recognize it’s inherent value to the human soul. Boredom, depression, lethargy, confusion, fatigue, stagnancy… all alchemical states of transformation.


It’s the emptiness that sneaks up on us when we encounter those rare moments when we have nothing to do. “Wait, wait, wait,” you might be thinking, “when do we have no-thing to do?”
My answer? More often than you would allow yourself to think.


Stop and reflect for a moment. How many times a week do you find yourself filling what could be an hour off to rest and relax with some ‘important’ task that could wait? How many times, do you ignore your souls need for exercise, meditation, yoga or simply sitting down to watch a movie in favour of ‘getting things done’? Far more than you would like to admit I bet. Yep, me too. It’s a human habit.


But the more that we incessantly fill our quiet times with activity, the less we can rest, recharge and reconnect to a deep place of inner wisdom and soul. The less we are alive.


How does the blank space show up?

It’s the moment we look at our to-do list and realise we have done most of it and we still have half a day left.
It’s the quiet that pervades a house when the kids have all gone to sleep.
It’s the stillness that surrounds us when we have a free hour to ‘rest’.
It’s one of the most fertile moments we can seek in our lives because it is the void where all our answers lie. The trick however, is noticing it and resisting the urge to fill the space with ‘things’.


Things distract.
Things complicate.
Things can be illusionary.


In the blank space, we have the ability to shut our stories up long enough to hear the voice of God / Sophia / The Universe / Allah / Creation. It is the source of our creativity and life energy but rarely do we stay there long enough to recharge. We run away from it like a Fox being chased by bloodthirsty hounds.


In the blank space, we forget who we think we are, which means that we can remember and reconnect to our soul. In this space, we take off our masks and sit naked. Stripped of all outer trappings of life, we regain our innocence and wonder.


So next time you find yourself with an hour, 10 minutes or maybe even one long, deep breath…. Take it. Don’t fill it with anything other than your precious consciousness. Rest in the blank space and forget who and what you are – just for a short while. You will emerge a different person from the one that went in.


You will emerge with new choices.

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