I believe that within every being in the universe there is a compulsion to seek: a star seeks to expand its internal heat until it burns its bright life out; a plant, forging upwards, seeks the light of the sun so it can grow and expand; a bird seeks its nesting place so it can reproduce and fulfill its primal urges; and human beings seek to find our true place, story and reason for existing so we can come to peace and happiness within our hearts and souls. It’s a quest that we often can’t put into words yet it’s ever present, lurking underneath the surface of our thoughts, feelings and actions in every moment of our lives.

This act of ‘seeking’ draws us continually out of our comfort zones and old stories towards the edges of mystery. By its very nature, when we are seeking, in some way we feel that there is a lack – the object of our search. We can (and often do) spend years aching inside, mourning our own incompleteness, hurting with the growing pains of our constant ‘becoming’ and striving to be more than we are right now.

The real object of our seeking remains elusive and hidden behind its own paradoxical nature: it is the simplest thing in the whole world and simultaneously the most difficult to find. It is our search to find who we really are as a unique human being and to become this in our daily lives, bringing alive our biggest story in the world. It is our search to find the completion inside ourselves that eventually brings this about in our external lives.

Extract from Tough Bliss: Restorying Life

  • Where is your life asking you to pay attention?
  • What can’t you ignore any longer?
  • What answers are you seeking underneath the noise of life?

For this week’s Storyhack, we have the third in our 6-part video series diving into the Beyond Human Stories, Restory Cycle.

Can you see The Clues to your true story?


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