Egypt brings up a great many things.


The land and people here have a habit of presenting me with a hall of heart-mirrors every time I travel here. I have said many times, that whatever we hold in our hearts (consciously and unconsciously) will come up to be seen from the shadows as we walk through the lands of alchemy and light.







Simplicity amongst complexity

Order within chaos


All aspects of my inner world that have been presented to me in the last 9 days.


After 5 years of journeying here, I have finally come to a place where the ancient hermetic axiom ‘as within, so without’ has become true. I have started to sift through the mythic realms represented exquisitely on the walls of temples and tombs and go inwards to find the deep magic that these images have represented for people across the ages.


The humanity

The love

The community

The communion






The land

The sun

The desert

The stars




The mirror of my human story is hidden here in the eyes of strangers and the arms of brothers.

What Egypt actually represents is an ancient doorway into a very modern journey of the human soul through lifetimes and lessons.


People come here again and again seeking answers, yet often they are just presented with more questions.


The questions never cease but our relentless seeking does eventually come home to rest in an eternal realisation that we are never complete. The mystery that led us to Egypt will ever lead us onwards. Our human persona is just one aspect of the multifaceted jewel that we are in truth.


Yet it is the human part of us that holds the key to our eventual surrender.

But what are we surrendering to?


A far greater story being lived through us than we can possibly imagine.

Magic becoming the everyday reality of our lives.

The pulse of evolution that constantly calls us out of hiding and into a wider world of love.


When we let go of seeking, the mystery finds us, sweeps us into its arms and carries us into completely new adventures.


We let go of the shore and allow ourselves to be swept along in the current of life itself.


Just like the Nile.




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