Here I sit, located in time.

Fingertips brushing the stone beneath me as I contemplate the mountain of which they are a part. Of which I am a part.


The stones beneath me hold within their bodies the memory of Earth.

Of her passing cycles and her transformations.

Of her creations and her destructions.


The trees around me stand as silent witnesses to the passing of the years throughout which I live in this place. Me becoming a part of it and it becoming a part of me.


This land saw my birth four decades ago and this land will also see my eventual transition into the world beyond physicality.


Other beings have no doubt sat where I sit now and sought wisdom and advice from the mountain.


Indeed I wonder how many lifetimes I have sat in a different form, engaging in the same activity as now? Many I feel.


I reach out my consciousness to combine with that of the mountain and find a familiar, loving vibration embracing me in return.


Peace daughter the deep silent voice says to me.


For I am but a baby in the Earth family also.

For eons I have existed in a multitude of forms.

And after the wind and rain have ground me into dust and you into ash, shapeshifters we will become once more.


For each death is a birth and each birth a death.

Eons of time passes as we dance with each other in the cycles of life.

We are all family in the molecular sense.


And we are here to take care of each other.

To remind one another of the path home.

To pass with grace and grit through the eons of evolution on Earth.

To celebrate and love every aspect of our existence as the hawk, the fox, the worm and the human.

We are all one life, breathed through by vision.



I sigh with a sense of cosmic rightness and truth.

My friend the mountain.

There always when I needed a gentle reminder.

Holding me even when I was half a world away.


We are all one on a molecular level and this makes us family.

How do you treat your family?


Do you love and honour them?

Do you judge and condemn them?

Do you see them as your mirrors and teachers in the grand cycles of time?


All of these things and more are true.


Because we have all come here to learn and evolve.

We have come here in this form to love.

To surrender.

To know one another as ourselves.

To forgive and to remember.


As I sit here, located in time.

I honour the eons of evolution that have led to this moment.

This breath.

This beating heart sat here held by her beloved mountain.


Can you feel it?

Our heartbeat connects us.

Makes us one.

Across all the eons of time.


We will remember.

And we will be free.





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