This week I have been in the city. As I traveled from one place to another, I observed. I listened. And I reflected.

The predominant tonality was one of distraction. I saw faces sucked down into phones, heard mindless chatter on cigarette breaks and witnessed multiple noisy after-work drinking conversations in the soundscape. Why?


What are you avoiding?’ a friend once asked me as we sat in the desert, a million miles away from a city.





Is it fear?

The fear of not being ‘good enough’.

The fear of failing to meet standards set by someone outside of ourselves.

The fear of climate change, social degradation and the destruction of ‘civilized’ life.

The fear of living an ‘ok’ or mundane life.

The fear of death…….


Have you ever wanted to escape the fear?

Have you ever wanted to run away and bypass the deep, existential pain of being alive in these times?


But what if pain is part of being human?

What if it’s ok to feel scared when we are poised to jump outside a comfort zone?

What if fear is the path to purification from this social numbness and distraction?

What if pain leads us to intense joy and a sense of meaning?

What if pain means we are deeply alive and authentically real?


Perhaps allowing ourselves to feel deeply, so we can properly heal, is the biggest story hack there is…….


I leave you with The Escape Artist, created by David Taylor at Uncontained Films.

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  • Hilary Swift May 22, 2018   Reply →

    Hi Genieve

    Your video about the Escape Artist was truly breath-taking; the honesty you spoke about the depths of being human (if we are brave enough to truly go there) spoke to my heart totally and I get it completely. Thank you so much for this beautifully honest, raw, painful but oh so truthful video….. most of us are living in a dream and not facing the reality of our truths because that is too dark a place to go to, but your video confirms what I feel….. we must all look into those dark places to discover what we are about….. thank you. Hilary x

    • Genevieve Boast May 22, 2018   Reply →

      Thanks Hilary,
      Really appreciate you taking the time to watch, engage and comment! The truth is irresistible and when we share ours, we give others permission to do the same !

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