Yes, we are approaching Spring and Easter, but that is not why I am feeling called to write a storyhack with this title.


I was compelled to get up this morning, come down to my kitchen table and start writing because I realised that this is the story of my life.


Your life too I believe.


The saying that ‘life is full of death….’ may sound like a cliché, but let’s stop for a moment and consider those words.


Perhaps it’s more accurate to say that ‘life evolves through a series of mini deaths’, each one a shedding of an old way of living, an outworn belief, or even a global system that is long past the time of it being useful to ALL.


And ALL is the watch word of this decade. Watch and see.


Since the beginning of this year, something has been happening inside me. Something I have been listening to in a deeper way than ever before. This ‘thing’ has been reflected back to me through the mirror of my life in almost every form…


…through the fears of friends and family about what is happening in the world


…through the global voice of Nature as she has flooded, burned and shook


…and through the voices on multiple planes of reality beyond this one, as the beings that there spoke to me in soft voices


Each has told me that the change isn’t coming – it’s here. And this ‘thing’ is death.


Not death in the way that I would have traditionally thought of it, yet some of that is now here too. But more the death of a way of life. And of a system of social, economic and environmental constructs that are ready to be reborn.


These words are not new that. Those of us working in sustainability and many branches of science have been using them for decades. But now it feels that they are finally here. As the Universe has been saying ‘the time is now’.


The main challenge humans have always had with any form of death is our massive resistance to change. We struggle (if not flat out refuse) to let go, until the decision is taken beyond our hands, beyond our mind and into our hearts. Our hearts know how to let go.


And the letting go, always like an outbreath, allows the space for pause before the new thing can be born.


Without letting go, we cannot let anything new in. There is simply no space for it.


And right now there is no very little space anywhere on Earth because we have filled it with things.


There is very little space in our minds because we have filled them with excuses.


There is very little space in our communities because we have filled them with distractions.


In our current situation of overcrowding, death becomes our friend as it always has been. We have just become desperately afraid of transformation.


Death brings new life.

Death is a new birth.

Death makes way for resurrection.


So, I invite you to contemplate resurrection, no matter what faith or cultural context you find yourself living in.


Resurrection. The etymology of the word comes from the Latin resurgere, meaning to ‘rise again’.


And what is so scary about rising again?


Perhaps it’s because when we let go of the old, we are also making a monumental leap outside of our previous comfort / dis-comfort zones and surrendering to the mystery of new territory.


Perhaps it’s because we know that a new adventure into unknown lands will leave us stripped bare, challenged to the limits of our inner capability and forever changed?


Or perhaps it’s because we don’t believe that we will survive the ordeal?


Perhaps it is all of these things?


Yes – me too.


But the reality is, if we don’t change and we refuse death itself in whatever form then we will definitely not survive.


Any of us.


I sense we are being asked individually and collectively to embark on a global adventure where we ALL survive and flourish in new forms.


Our previous stories of ME. Our species is being asked to metamorphosise, to take into account the bigger story of WE. WE are being asked to die and resurrect into a vast evolutionary adventure where ALL of us transform into something far more beautiful than our current mythology can even conceive of.


Still sounds scary?



But starting to sound like an adventure worth taking?



Contemplate the resurrection. See whether your fear transforms.


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