What do we do when we can no longer see the light?


What happens to us when we no longer feel like we have any control over our lives?






Yes – undoubtedly.

All of these things and more.


Yet there is also something else.

Something quiet and disruptive that emerges in the silence when we sit in the eye of the storm.


Something essential.


Yet powerful.


When we sit in the swirling tornado of our deepest fears for long enough, we start to see that they are not all they appear to be.


When we are willing to face our shadows and look fear in the eye, asking it to teach us – we become aware that there is something that lays beyond it.


Something that is waiting for us to see it.

To listen.

To feel.


Something beyond our bodies.

Beyond our minds.

Beyond our soul even.


This something is the field of trust.


A vast portal beyond our experience of time and space.

A threshold that takes us outside of the boundaries of our stories and into ‘the Universes story’


Of which we are an integral and essential part.

Everyone is.

Everything has a role to play.


No thing is inconsequential.

No one is forgotten or meaningless.


When we sit in the field of trust, we remember deep time.

We forget ourselves and become all selves.

We no longer feel fear because the things we fear in the tornado are no longer relevant in this story.


They cannot exist because they are transitory.


Fictional even.


That which is real, remains beyond our personas.

Exists in the eternal fields of energy.

WE are more than we appear to be.


We are far more than our fear.

Far vaster than our lives would have us believe.


So, what happens when you can no longer see and feel the light?

You remember.

You forget.


You enter into the field of trust.

The eternal place of existence.

And love.

And light.


The field of trust exists in us and all around us always.

It binds us to everything living thing.

And everything yet to come into form.


Thus said Yoda to all who have the ears to hear and the hearts to feel truth.

The field of trust is created by each of us.

As we remember.


Who we are beyond the stories of fear.



There is a field.

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing. and right doing there is a field.

I’ll meet you there.

When the soul lies down in that grass, the world is too full to talk about




Will you meet me here?

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