If you were to take a guess for a moment of how much of your life story (and therefore experiences) were created by your mind, what would you say?


Trick here – it’s your mind that will give you the first answer.


Laughable really.


Now stop.

Take a deep breath.

In fact, take as many as you need to relax (this may take a lot longer than you would expect).


Now ask that question again and this time notice how you feel.


Very rarely do we allow our mental machinations to quiet for long enough for us to pay attention to how we FEEL about something.


Our heart and soul express themselves in feelings.

In instinct.

In intuition.

In knowing.


Our feelings are much more prominent than we realise in creating the lives and experiences we live.


They have a language that is deeper and far more ancient than that of our brain and mind.


Yet they occupy a polarity in our story.


We either ignore the, numb them or deny them.

Running from the messages they convey.


Or we are ruled by them.

We succumb to their waves and become ‘mindless’, acting on our impulses with no checks nor filters.


The trick to is to understand how to blend both creative and destructive forces.

To create an inner alchemical algorithm that allows us to harness the strengths of both in very conscious ways.


In blending these two kinds of wisdom essences, we come into what Gnostics called ‘the Heart Mind’. The middle way of the masculine and feminine essences of humanity. The way of balance and compassion – for ourselves and others.


So how do we start to create this inner alchemy.

Through paying attention to our own specific patterns of creation.


For me, I have spent years living primarily in the mind. I was trained to from an early age by a father and grandfather who prized this over everything else.

And both excelled in this.

They were excellent Teachers and Preachers in their own ways.


Yet I also had a mother who was a maestro of the heart.

A master of instinct and intuition.

My Mother saved me from becoming polarised. She encouraged me to dive into the watery depths and power of what my emotions were trying to tell me.


And my grandmother held me to account.

She reminded me of the truth I carried in my soul, even when others couldn’t stand to hear it.  She encouraged me to always follow my heart.


So now, I spend my days in practice and study of inner alchemy.


I work to understand the language of both my heart and my mind.


I ensure that my creative and destructive capabilities are both given equal voice in the creation of my stories.


And I strive to walk the middle road.

The path less travelled.

The journey of a pilgrim on an adventure into the Heart Mind of the Universe.


Which path will you choose?

Which path have you been walking?

Are you happy with it?






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