Do you believe in fate?


What about destiny?


Or freewill?


All tricky concepts in the world right now when so much in our outer sphere’s appear to be spiralling ‘out of our control’.


Or are they?

I often find myself these days contemplating concepts such as surrender, release, trust. Things that often bring momentary relief from the underlying feelings that we ‘should’ be doing more about what is happening in society and the ecosystems around us.


Yet the inner surrender is the hardest and perhaps takes a lifetime to master.


Years ago, I was coming back from a monumental trip to Egypt where I had undergone a series of challenging initiations and was seeking advice from my elder. In this case my uncle Izzy Zephier, a Lakota Chief who lives in South Dakota. Dear uncle Izzy has always been one the beings in my life to speak as creation. To say the things that I don’t necessarily want to hear but need to know in moments of confusion and doubt.


He wrote to me that morning all those years ago to remind me of what true ‘soul surrender’ really means.


Good morning, Deer Heart Woman. It’s always good to hear your voice especially in the morning: the beginning of another day to walk on this sacred earth mother. We can always choose where we want to be at a certain time because we were all given the freedom of choice, but destiny is totally opposite. Destiny is already laid out and we are here for that sole purpose: to fulfil our destiny. We all go looking for our destiny and many times we think we have found it, then all of a sudden things change. 99% of the time our destiny was right in front of us all the time, but we always take off running in circles trying to find it. Like children we run off on our own, our own thinking, feeling, seeing. Some find it sooner than others, some might find it when they are older and some just keep missing it, walking right past it. Some never find it and those who don’t find and fulfil will just have to come back and start all over. I was very fortunate that the grandfathers came and retrieved me from self-destruction. They brought me back and said this is why you are here. I was literally put back on track and found my destiny. It is so beautiful to know that now there is nothing else in my life but to fulfil this and then I can go home. What I am telling you is what they told me, showed, and taught me, so I am telling you and sharing with you. That’s all I can do. So, follow your heart Deer Heart Woman and your spirit, always. 

Love and prayers  



So how is destiny coaxing you out into the world right now?


For me the path of destiny has a certain sense of inevitability about it. It comes in the moments when I feel a deep sense of ‘rightness’ in everything – an exquisiteness in how the events of my life have conspired to create the exact moment I am living when I am aware of its energy in play.


Yet there is always choice.

A choice to surrender to the flow of my inevitable path of destiny.

Or to run away from it.


And as Izzy said, I have run many, many times.


But in these last few years I have stopped running. I have stood at the doorway of destiny and been brave enough to look my soul directly in the eyes, seeing the beauty that awaits me as soon as I commit.


You see, it’s inevitable.

I chose to come here for a reason.

And I chose to keep coming back in different forms until that soul path is fulfilled.


It is my inevitable path.


You have one too.

We all do.

We ALL do.


Our individual soul paths when followed with tenacity, surrender and free will all weave together to create the inevitable soul path of humanity and our evolution.


They combine with the soul paths of every living being on our planet to create the story of evolution on Earth.


And they are intrinsically linked to the soul path of all energies and intelligences in our Universe co-creating the magical dance of Cosmic Life.


So, my path influences your path.

And yours mine.

And all.


Shall we surrender to their ultimate inevitability?

Or shall we run away from them for a few more lifetimes?


Personally, I feel ready to commit.

Indeed – I am done with running away.

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