Rest in my arm’s dear child

Rest in love for that is the language of Nature

That is the language of the Cosmos


Love is the deep language beyond all words

Beyond all form

And yet embedded in every form



For peace is the nature of love

It’s foundation

Without peace we cannot hear love’s words

Its subtle essences and commands


Peace is the very thing the human world has been created to despise

As with all these storyhack posts, I had to wait for this one to be ready to come.

I tried to write on Friday – nothing would emerge.


I sat down at my keyboard on Saturday.



It was only on Sunday when I finally had created the space to go and sit in the arms of Grandmother Sycamore that I realised why I had been made to wait.


I walked out into the frosty sunshine and lay back, my spine resting on her long trunk and my fingers caressing her bark.


Immediately her quite assured voice emerged in my consciousness and spoke in a soothing tone, much like that of an ancient wise grandmother telling her impetuous little one a bedtime story.


My nerves relaxed.

My cells relaxed.

Every part of my mind relaxed.


She spoke to me of many things.

Some I have shared above.

Some were for me alone.


The language of the tree people is clear and profound if you have taken the time to build a relationship with them.


Ever since I was a small child, these great beings were my friends and my solace in time of stress.


They continue to be closer than most humans to me during these times of change.

They are my confidants, my teachers, and my protectors.

They hold space like no other.


You know.

We all do.


It is one of the primary gifts of trees to be the space keepers and ancient ones of our Earth.


Their language is that of love.

Of peace.

Of purity.


They are also great teachers and speakers of truth.

The truth that exists beyond the human realm of social story.

The truth that lays in Universal Law and Cosmic Evolutionary Order.


Sometimes the messages of the Tree Teachers will take years to percolate in my awareness.

Only to re-emerge at the right time to prompt an epiphany.


Why not go and rest in the arms of a Tree friend today?

Ask them every question you hold in your heart.

And wait for their answer.


Wait to hear their language.

Their love.

Their reminder of peace.

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