Ever notice how life acts as a mirror for what you most deeply desire?

Or that which you most deeply fear?


Perhaps this is due to the fact that our desires (conscious and unconscious) set up a story lens of expectation through which we view the world and filter the information presented to us. In ‘expecting’ or ‘avoiding’ things, we are actually making ourselves more conscious of them with the overall effect of creating the very circumstances through which they will occur.


Or maybe it’s as new science would tell us that our beliefs command the molecules of life which in turn, configure themselves around the thoughts, feelings and experiences that we believe that we should / could / would have.


In my world, this phenomenon is known as ‘story-making’.


We are presented with a series of choices in our lives that are the direct result of the stories, beliefs and dreams that we create in our imaginations. Whether we are aware of them or not!

Our choices determine our actions which in turn determine our reality and experiences. So how do we move from largely unconscious story-makers experiencing repeated patterns of behaviour and events to becoming the conscious writers of life stories that we truly wish to live?


Well, we need to start to become aware that the world and its seemingly outer events are actually one great big mirror to the inner story of our soul.


I happened to be having a conversation with a new client this week during which she was telling me how different people in her life kept repeating the same message to her in different ways. Some of them magical, others mundane but all relaying the same underlying request. When I asked her how she felt every time this outer mirror had been presented to her through different mouths, she confided in her that she got shivers all over and felt as if the Universe was trying to tell her something important.


The Universe was mirroring back to her clues that pointed to an important story-making step she was being invited to take.


“The real trick is to learn to spot the clues as they are happening so that we can develop a greater ability to know whether we are on or off track towards the destiny of our deeper story. The even greater gift is to know when to act on these mini-miracles to create increasing momentum and magic in our lives. I have found that in the moments when I awaken to one of my personal clues, I receive what I have now come to call ‘cellular shivers’. My whole body convulses in a pleasurable wave of expanding realization that I have just ‘got it’ and have been given an important piece in the puzzle of my story. This is my physical way of recognizing the energy of personal truth”.

Extract from Tough Bliss: Restorying Life


The ‘clues’ that life gives through the experiences we have, all allow us to look into a magic soul mirror.


One that shows us our conscious and not so conscious beliefs and stories.

One that places ‘choice’ back into our hands.

One that holds us utterly accountable for the life that we choose to lead.


The thing is, this takes practice and determination.

It takes courage and bravery to reclaim complete power to choose and create your soul story.

It asks that we slow down, pay attention and practice story-making at deeper and deeper levels.


As we move into the quieter parts of the Winter, why don’t you slow down a little and start to notice the mirror of your soul, reflecting back to you, the choices you are making.


Buy a journal.

Download a reflection app.

Start to meditate or walk or dance again.


Hack into your cycles of distraction that prevent you from feeling ‘truth shivers’ in those moments when clues are given to you on a plate.


The choice really is yours.

Look in the mirror.

I dare you !



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