The ‘opening of the mouth’ ceremony is an ancient Egyptian death rite.

At least, that’s the accepted story.

It is of course far more nuanced and complex than this.


The times we are all living in require radical courage.

Coupled with humble discernment.


In a world where ‘truth’ has become subjective and story distorted on every level, we are asked to disconnect from all sources that would confuse and distract us from what is important.


In ancient Egypt, it was thought that once dead, the spirit of the deceased would still need to breathe, to eat and to speak. So, in the mumification rites, the priests and priestesses would conduct the ‘opening of the mouth’ to ensure that this could happen in the afterlife.


But what if we are being asked to ‘open our mouths’ now in the present life?


What if we open our mouths and speak the words that have the power change the world?


Words that change our world and everything in it.



But before we can do so, we need to remove the shackles and gags that were placed on our mouths to close them in the first place.


When were you first told to ‘shut up’?


Do you remember how old you were when you were first bullied or shamed for speaking your truth?


I do.


I was four years old.


Like many of us, we are ‘taught’ to close our mouths from a young age especially when the words coming out of them upset and disrupted those around us.


And let’s steer clear of blame here.

The same thing happened to our parents.

And our grandparents.

And our great, grandparents.


Real personal truth is rarely encouraged in human society and even less likely to be rewarded.


In fact, whole political, social, and educational systems are built on subjugation of free thought and free speech.


We are rewarded for shutting up and fitting in.

And often punished for standing out and challenging the dominant narratives.

Thus, is has ever been so in humanity.


And at certain times, in certain places there have been waves of freedom that have risen to wash over the structures of status quo, creating a new period of revolution and rebalancing.


What if the times we are living through now is one of those rising waves?

A wave of change that represents an opportunity to break and evolve this ancient cycle?


What if, it is our generations that have enough knowledge of our interconnectedness as a species on our planet to be able to break free of the fear-based structures and speak truth to power?


What if that’s why we chose to be alive today?

Chose to come into these bodies.

These lives.

And these communities?



What if?


That’s a liberating question don’t you think?



What if the archetype of the victim that has so long been manipulated by humans is ready to be transformed completely into something we can only begin to dream of?



The opening of the mouth in our times, is perhaps the most radical act of rebellion in that it removes victimhood and restores creatorship.


In speaking out for the rights of all beings on Earth, we transcend our shame, fear and guilt and initiate ourselves back into the living, breathing family of life.


We remember how strong we are.

How wise.

How whole.


We remember that separation and fear were only ever illusions we chose to test ourselves with.



Are you brave enough to speak the truth that sits inside you each and every day?


Most of us aren’t and I count myself in that too.


But ‘what if’ we start to try.

Day by day.


What if?


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