This week I have been walking in one of the most powerful places of truth teaching in the world. It asks us to enter here with respect for ourselves and all of life. The essence energy demands nothing less than a complete surrender to our soul and our journey.


There is no running away

There is no hiding

Anything that is not complete love must fall away


And it is here that we come to rest in the very place that most of us have longed to return to most of our lives.


“What are you Sacred Ground?”


“I am a place, a time, a reflection, a model of a vision, dream and hope that sits in the minds and hearts of mankind across the world. I am many diverse soil compositions, in many formations producing a myriad of plants and minerals that are lush, fragrant, beautiful, abundantly productive and nourishing to the body, mind and spirit of many life forms. I am the animals, wild and domestic, the birds, the insects that live in a perfect cycle of giving and receiving with the Earth and other beings. I speak and model a time forgotten, a way, a cooperation, a collaboration, a result of a cause. Cause you asked for it!”


Here we live as one community.

One family

One living ecosystem


The animals

The plants

The trees

The winged ones

The stone people


The angels

The masters

The little people

The ancestors

The future ones

The star nations


And the Mother Mountain


She is one of the oldest living beings in this part of the world.


Unlike her younger cousins The Bear Tooth’s, The Crazies or The Snowies – all exquisite mountain ranges that can be seen framing Sacred Ground on a clear day.


The Mother stands regal and ancient.


She forms the Earthly and Cosmic body of the Pryor Mountain range. One of the (if not ‘the) oldest mountain range in the Rocky Mountain chain.


When we approach her, we do so with reverence, with offerings, with gratitude.

And she holds us.

She embraces us.

She reminds us of the promise we made before we came into this body and this life.


Most importantly, she reminds us that everything we are seeing (and adoring) outside of us, is actually something that is created within.


This week whilst I have cried, laughed, played and worked here, she has reminded me each and every moment that everything I am celebrating around me has come from the inner beliefs, stories and choices that I am carrying within my soul.


Yet am I ready to really, truly own that truth?

That I am the creator of my world and therefore all of the world.



That’s a big thing to own.

And yet one of the most natural truths in the whole Universe.


Yes I am ready

Because I am coming to a place where I feel and know that all life is unified at a deep level


That our seeming diversity is to be celebrated and honoured

Yet seen through for what it is

The Universe playing on wondrous diversity

Yet it is all still the Universe

Or God

Or Life


The words at this stage of being fall away

They must


Sacred Ground exists within all beings

It is a longing for truth

For unity

For love


There is a growing community of all beings here dedicated to living this, to teaching this, to providing this level of loving truth to anyone who seeks it.


Sacred ground is to be found within you

It is also here as a reminder

So you don’t forget the most important part of being alive

Is to love


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