Life itself is a spiral.

One that we dance around again and again.


The same lessons romance us into relatedness with the elements of transformation that appear in the form of people, places, projects, dreams.


All so that we can experience our inner worlds reflected in the outer mirror.


The Earth School.

Life as the curriculum.

Each time we step into a challenge, we are invited to learn, to grow and to expand our consciousness of who we are.


Who we are in the big and small sense.






Yet lessons often repeat.

Patterns of behaviour, belief and experience stalk us like shadows.


Because life appears as a spiral, we journey around and around the wheel, encountering our experiences at higher and higher levels.


At least that’s what we hope.


The Ouroboros

  • 1 : a circular symbol that depicts a snake or dragon devouring its own tail and that is used especially to represent the eternal cycle of destruction and rebirth


To learn and grow, we must die.






Transformation involves a micro death of the old, in order for the new to emerge.


The Ouroboros reminds us of this.

Speaks to us of eternity dancing in consciousness.

Of the necessary destruction encapsulated in rebirth.

Of spiral fractals of time and space, endlessly weaving themselves into intricate Universal patterns.


Our lives right now are reflected in this ancient, alchemical symbol.


Each day we are invited to surrender an old story to the fires of transformation so that we can manifest a new world that we all wish to inhabit.


Each moment we are reminded that like the snake, we each carry life and death with us in each breath we take.


We can never be trapped in old patterns because we are the ones that created them.

And therefore the only ones who can destroy that which haunts us in repeating lessons.






We are the alchemists.

And the snake.

And the spiral.


How fun is that?

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