This has been a year of revelations. The last few months have been incredible, scary, traumatic, empowering and liberating; all coming in waves, breath by breath.


I have been remembering.

I have been reconnecting to ancient, ancestral memories.

I have been restorying who I thought I was and the lessons I thought I was learning.

I have been rethinking what it means to love, and to forgive.

I have been letting go and letting in.


The biggest revelation of all has been somewhat stereotypical and even cliché. I have heard it thousands of times before and yet never really believed it…. until now of course.


The thing that has made this year of challenge and metamorphosis massively unique has been that every insight has come from one source:



Each time I have asked a question, the answer came from within.

Each time I stumbled upon an emotionally challenging memory, it came because I called it forth from the depths of my unconscious.

Each time I healed, it came because I invited it and said ‘yes’ to the resolution.


All my answers came from within. All my healing came from the inside out.

Just like the teachers, mystics and angels have always said.

Books didn’t help.

Nor did Youtube videos or online courses.


My truth existed all along within the rich soil of my experiences, stories and memories. My transformation was all self-inflicted.


The mirror of the world and the Universe only exists to remind us of our own choice to dive fully into the depths of our lives and weave new realities from the truths that exists within.


The adventure of our life really is one of remembering.

Remembering who we are and why we are really here.

Remembering the story that we came into human form to love/live.

Remembering that we have choice and that all truth comes from within.


As within, so without.


Hermes said that a very long time ago. Or perhaps you know him as Thoth. Master of alchemy he knew the secret that I am discovering.


That we are a mirror of life. The whole universe exists within the microcosm of us.


Me = We = All.


As my friend Jude Currivan says “We live within a vast cosmic hologram where the Universe is in-form-ation”.


Our truth is constructed from the stories we choose to live within… and without.

Our truth is mirrored back to us from every aspect of life. It lives through us and all around us.


You could even say that the ultimate revelation is that we ARE truth in human form.


Someone very wise and loving once said,


“I AM the truth, the way and the life,”


And so are you.

And me.

And everyone and everything.


Ready to remember?


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