This week I am a little late writing this.


Primarily because of its topic but also because a deep magic is at play.


To write this I needed to go out on the land around me and listen to its voice. To find out what our more than human family wanted to say.  To experience the synchronicity of Earth life.


Where I live in the mountains of Colorado, the voice of the land is loud and resonant. The mountains hold me and speak in a majestic, mother / father tone.


The rock people who have made their home here and reside in vibrant red’s, oranges and yellow’s. Granite and sandstone laced with glittering quartz and mica seams, vibrate with earthly and cosmic energy tones like music.


The trees are my siblings and remember me. Inviting me into their arms and their embrace when I need to relax and find peace. They heal me with their leaves, needles and resin. They speak to me in soft whispers of the cycles and seasons of change.


I am a part of this land, and it welcomes me as its own.

It is for this reason that it is my home.


Some believe that we each have a ‘home land’ on the skin of the Earth that resonates with our specific soul frequency. In my experience this is true.


I find beauty in every landscape that I immerse myself within and yet as an old family mystic friend said ‘it’s ok to have favourites


For my soul, the wild lands of the Northern USA are those that set me free and heal me. I am intimately related to every plant and animal being that lives here with me and when I go away for a time, they wait for me on my return to celebrate my home coming.


Having spent years away from ‘home’ I know the pain and longing that exists at the core of our soul to find the ecosystem that loves and nurtures us.


The only way to do this, (if you do not already know where your homeland is), is to spend time outdoors, in nature, on the land as often as possible.


It is through these practices that you will be reminded of your heritage and soul home.

You will hear the subtle whispers of the tree’s, listen to the light language of the stars and see the medicine of our animal cousins as they start to adopt you.


Being on the land is a process of reconnection.

It teaches us patience and to embrace the madness of the human mind of distraction.

It reminds us to be truly present moment to moment and to release our fears of ‘being nature’.


Being on the land takes us out of our logical brain and deeply into our instinctive, intuitive sensing. It brings our abilities to connect back online and allows us to feel a part of the world around us. It helps us tap into the nature magic that is our birth right.


As I write this I have tears in my eyes at the exquisite nature of our interconnectedness.


Sitting at my desk, a Nighthawk who adopted me as a chick last summer has just appeared, landing on the top of a nearby Fir tree to make sure that I saw her. I have been waiting for her to return and calling out to her soul these last two weeks since I came home.


I cried when I had to leave her last year. The memories of our adventures on the mountain still so fresh in my heart. And yet now she returns with her mate, answering the soul call of her human friend. I had almost given up hope of her return and yet here she is.


I am blessed beyond words with my Earth family and cry tears of gratitude and grace.


Reach out and spend time on the land with your family.


You will heal and whole.


You will be stunned by the grace of our inherent nature.


And you will remember what it means to be a part of our Earth family.



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