The real challenge to humanity at this time – and always – is that of distraction. Most of us are living within a story of ‘survival’ our entire lives. Our ancestors were also locked into the same story but often with a different context. And now, we find the whole global community facing a collective story of survival, from the triple-whammy impact of climate-change, global recession and Covid-19.

How do you respond to the multifaceted challenges of change? Do you feel a sense of relief that things are transforming or a sense of panic that they are out of control? Are you easily swayed into anxiety by those who preach fear and apocalypse, or can you rise above the fear and hold on to the light of potential opportunity? It is important to be aware of your responses because these emotions are the messengers of alchemical transformation.”

Excerpt from The Soulistic Journey


These are the times of inner and outer alchemy.

And the fire that fuels this is awareness.


Awareness of the old stories that have held us in their sway of fear for generations.


Awareness of the power of our sacred choice to move beyond these stories and into new realms of relatedness to ourselves, others and the world around us.


Awareness that we are on a journey that unfolds gradually with each choice that we make.


How is your journey feeling as we move towards the end of 2020?


What stories are dominating you?


What are the messengers of your emotions bringing to your attention?



As we approach the shortest day in the Northern hemisphere and the longest day in the Southern, we approach a nexus point of decision.


And alchemy.


The solstices are nodes in the cosmological year where the veils of dimensional reality are thin. They are times when we are asked to make pivotal choices that will govern the path ahead in our journey for the coming 3 to 6 months and beyond.

This year on December 21st, we have the chance to step into a whole new story as Jupiter and Saturn move from the Earth sign of Capricorn into the Air essence of Aquarius.


Air breathes new life and new possibilities into our journey.

Air presents us with options and carries us on currents of inspiration towards new horizons.

Air lifts us on thermals of imagination above the landscapes of our lives so we can gain new perspective and harvest the wisdom of our journey thus far through Earth.


How will you choose to experience Air?

Will you fly or be blown and buffeted by the winds of change?


Air is also the element of the mind which as humans can be our greatest gift and our greatest curse.


Our mind can distract or direct.

It can focus or fuel fear.


One of the pivotal, alchemical practices of this time of year as we approach the solstice portal is to retreat into Nature and allow the fresh Air and Earth to work their magic in calming our overactive mind.


The alchemy of these two elements is magical in their seeming opposition.

Sitting on the Earth, taking deep lungsful of air is powerful medicine indeed.


It gives us perspective on our journey thus far.

It brings with it a deepening of awareness.

And our awareness allows space for the alchemy of our life to take its natural course.



On 12.12.2020, Lorna Howarth and I will be birthing our new book The Soulistic Journey into the world through the Air of inspiration and the Earth of cocreation.


This is a book that accompanies you on your journey and points the way to the vast and diverse nature of alchemy as it works its magic in your life.


This is a book that takes us back to the core of our true story and reminds us of the path we chose before we were born.


Are you feeling the fires of transformation?

We are too.

Why not journey with us?

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