Soulistic Journey Ceremonies

The Soulistic Journey is based on an ancient, natural cycle of the Wheel of the Year stemming from various indigenous traditions across the world. We journey for a year and a day from Equinox to Solstice, Solstice to Equinox and back again. By diving into the fabric of Earth and Cosmic cycles, we are able to understand and experience the unique human story that we are here to individually and collectively bring to the world.

In these ceremonies we tap into the natural energy and essence for transformation that comes with each seasonal transition. We also connect to the energies of these powerful days around Equinox and Solstice to collectively come into harmony through ceremony and celebrate life. We will honour our journey, both personal and collective, whilst setting intentions for healing, wholeing and evolution.

You need only bring yourself and a heart open to transformation.




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SPRING EQUINOX CEREMONY | 19.03.21. Join us to celebrate the gateway to Spring, giving honour to the power time of the Vernal Equinox. We will learn about this ancient celebration and join together in a collective meditation envisioning new energies of evolution flowing into the Earth from the Cosmos. JOIN THIS CEREMONY
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SUMMER SOLSTICE EVOLUTIONARY CEREMONY | 20.06.21. Join us to celebrate the height of summer, rejoicing in the ecstatic energy of life at its apex in the cycle of the year. We will explore the ancient solstice traditions and join together in a collective meditation to weave the powerful energies of abundance and freedom for everyone on Earth JOIN THIS CEREMONY
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WINTER SOLSTICE CEREMONY | 20.12.21. Gather with us around the fire to celebrate the return of the light and start of a new calendar year as we rejoice and remember through the Winter Solstice. We will sing, laugh and love through the darkest day of the year, welcoming in the fire seeds of a new cycle around the sun. JOIN THIS CEREMONY
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