The Soulistic Journey Adventure


The Soulistic Journey Mentoring programme is not a ‘quick fix’ or ‘silver-bullet’ answer to your life’s challenges. It is a deeply transformative journey that will ask us to face our inner demons, reclaim the power we have given away over time and take off all our masks that we wear to protect us from the world ‘out there’. Once we have begun this journey, we quickly see that the entire world we manifest and experience ‘out there’, stems from the stories and beliefs  ‘in here’.


Over 12 months dancing through four key seasonal quarters, we will enter into a deeply personal and transpersonal experience exploring both the physical and metaphysical worlds. Why so long you may ask? Because in our experience real change doesn’t happen overnight. Life is not something to be resolved or answered. Life is an ongoing alchemical dance, and this dance has a pattern and rhythm.

Each season begins with a ceremony to celebrate the Equinox or Solstice that catalyses it. From here we attune to the planetary energies that will guide our journey through the next three months.

To keep our rhythm and tempo, we meet once a month online to come into circle and deepen into the specific teachings and exercises that help us to hack our stories and create new ones. We explore the collective challenges we are deepening into and support each other through their transformation and restorying. We embark into comfort zone challenges and transformative practices that help us to create real change in our lives.

Once every quarter, each traveller is individually mentored and coached through a private 1:1 coaching session with Genevieve and an ongoing private Telegram group facilitated by Lorna.


We walk together through the dance of life, holding each other accountable for our unique soul adventure.