Today I went wandering into my past

And found my future


The Red Rock Palaces all around me

Told me that I was radiant

That my courage has been rewarded

That this is a new doorway

A new beginning


One that will be forever informed by what has come before

And yet not restricted by it


May our footsteps

One in front of the other

Lead us

Towards each other

Rather than apart


May the sound of our feet

Caressing our beautiful Mother planet

Beneath us and all around us

Remind us that we are alive in every single moment

In our bodies

In our Minds

And our souls


May we be reminded about what it really is to be human

In these times of transformation.



This morning I was compelled to stop driving my car down the canyon towards the lure of Wifi and phone signal. Towards the tangible pull of everything I ‘should’ be doing. I was impelled to stop and go walking.


To answer this call wasn’t hard for me. The place that called my name was the Red Rock valley of my youth. The stone people have known me since I came into this world in this form and have cradled me in joy and pain. They love me and I love them. They are my teachers.


They speak in silent words beyond time and radiate emanations understood in the chamber of my heart. They remind me of the things that I already know and those that I haven’t yet paid attention to. They take me out of time and into the weft and weave of our molecular story. From here, true creativity is born.


Creativity always springs from the darkness of the unknown. From the realm outside of our comfort zones where the control freaks fear to tread. True spontaneous awakening and enlightenment come from the micro moments in life when we stop to see in a new way. To hear what is universal and true.


As I walked, I reconnected with faces old and new. Plant, animal and mineral relations dotted my path forwards and came to say hello. Together we greeted dawn over the green mountain. Together we expressed gratitude for our gift of life.


As I walked I felt compelled to record spontaneous poetry that was springing forth from my simple dawn revelations. Thus my story weaving series of narrative reflections was born. Born from my past, to inform my future. I am excited and erotically charged by the creative impulse of bringing image, word, and voice to the human and Earth story that is being woven into fabric within me. Fabric that warms and connects us to each other.


I hope that in sharing my own story-hacks and story-weavings you will be inspired to make your own.


When we share our stories we realize how united we are.

We fall in love with one another.

We see that we are all indigenous to Earth.

And that the Earth and all our relations love us.

To the degree that we love them.







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