When it comes to the art of storyhacking, I have one word for you.




Storyhacking revolves around noticing what you are ‘triggered’ by and working with it in the heat of the emotional moment.


Today as I write this (on a full moon day), I am noticing multiple seemingly small external events that are triggering big internal emotional reactions.


Emotions stem from thoughts which stem from beliefs (aka stories) about how we believe the world works. If these stories are triggering emotional reactions that aren’t helpful to us, then we have the ability to hack them ‘live’ in the moment.


Emotions are your doorway into transformation.

The nervous system is the key.


Our nervous system is a finely tuned internal membrane that reacts to our inner stories. It is the beginning of your journey to understanding how you create your world.


But before we dive into that arena, let’s go back to storyhacking 101.


Today after the third incident of emotional panic (yes – today’s trigger word is panic), I stood in my Kitchen and asked myself out loud – “ok – what the f**k is this about?”


After breathing very deeply and reassuring my nervous system that ‘this too will pass’, I started to look at the events as a pattern to analyse the root of each emotional panic button.


The first instance was one where I accidentally spoke ‘too much truth’ to the wrong people. They didn’t react but someone else did and warned me that this could be a problem. I then panicked – just as I had a child when I was punished for speaking ‘too much truth’ to grown up’s who didn’t like it (and were triggered). I had learned that most adults don’t like ‘too much truth’ from a young age.


The second event came when someone had written down something I said publicly, and reading it, I suddenly wondered if I had been wrong. The idea of accidentally speaking untruth created another cycle of panic.


The third and final piece came when I was being approached by someone trying to sell me something and I suspected that they were lying to me about the process they had gone through check the legal status of the issue. Panic once again.


So, what is the pattern here to be hacked?


As I stood in the Kitchen, it suddenly became obvious that it was connected to my story of truth and lies.


My story of “I am punished when I speak ‘too much’ truth” was creating a loop that triggered my nervous system any time I encountered anyone (myself included) engaged in non-truth, partial truth or suspected lies.


So, I stopped, and I breathed deeply.


I took a walk in my garden and I sat down for a moment on the ground to bring myself back into harmony with the earth. I stilled my racing head and dropped my attention into my heart and my gut.


Then I asked myself “so what do I want my story of truth to be?”


My story of truth is when I speak honestly that which is in my heart


“Huh” I asked my inner wisdom. I received a clarification.


When I speak the truth of what is in my heart, I move away from judgments of right / wrong, lies and misunderstandings. Away from conspiracies and suspicion.


I move into ‘truth as perspective’. ‘truth as relative’, ‘truth as contextual’, ‘truth as diversity’.


Inclusive truth


Multi-layered truth but spoken from a place beyond agendas and manipulations.


Wow …didn’t expect that from my heart.


I had to sit with that.

Then I had to laugh.


And then I had to laugh even harder when I returned to my laptop to discover that at least one of my panic situations had resolved itself effortlessly in the time I had been storyhacking.


Universal magic.

Heart wisdom.



Ready to try it?

Pay attention to those triggers!


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