“The funny thing about unity”, I often find myself saying, “is that when we truly embody it, there is no one else. You can’t be in unity one moment and out of it the next. Unity awareness completely destroys the ‘other’”


But we can forget.


You could argue that the current events unfolding across our global society are all symptoms of an underlying story of separation that is starting to crumble. In vast numbers we are speaking out and standing up to dissolve the ancient story of ‘us and them’ / ‘divide and conquer’ / ‘superior and inferior’.


At a fundamental molecular level we are all connected. As Carl Sagan would say ‘we are all made of star stuff’. When we perceive the world through eyes of interconnection then we no longer see difference and instead see a vast ocean of diversity expressing itself through the unity of evolution.


But reaching this level of consciousness is definitely easier said than done. It is even harder to maintain on a consistent basis, when the stories told and lived in our world stem from a myth of separation that goes back through the ages. Often when working in the transformation of narratives, the big global story is hard to engage with – it appears so huge that we find ourselves doubting how we can each play our individual part. “What difference can I make to this?”


The answer is deceptively simple and starts within.


The first and most powerful step in experiencing and living from a unity based story is to examine all the places within you that resists it.


You see, when we understand and experience that we really are connected to every other being on the planet, then our mental and emotional stories that tell us otherwise suddenly come into sharp focus. The opportunity to catch these lies are in the fabric of our seemingly mundane every day experiences.


Let me give you an example from my world this week.


A few days ago I was stood in the waiting line outside the post office (as we do now that social distancing is in play). I was enjoying the feel of the wind on my face, the break I from Zoom calls and the fact that I would get to go and have lunch with my husband who was also working from home. My thoughts were happy and my emotions at peace. I was connected.


Then after a time, my mind was drawn to why the woman in the post office in front of me was taking such a long time. A few more minutes of waiting and I found myself secretly starting to judge her. My story assumed that she must be either old, or slow, or disorganised, or all three things at once. As five minutes turned into ten, my stories got louder. I started to tap my feet agitatedly. The wind picked up, making me wonder why on Earth I felt it was a good idea to come out in flipflops when it had turned cold this week. My annoyance grew until finally, the woman emerged from the post office. Incredibly, she then turned and stopped in the doorway to say yet more things to the assistant. My judgment by this point knew no limits and I struggled to even smile as she walked past me towards her car.


What would you have been thinking?


And now the reality. On reaching the counter the assistant apologised and proceeded to tell me how the woman in front had been helping her move a pile of parcels into the back because the assistant was working on her own and unable to do so before the collection arrived in 10 mins.




Obviously I felt bad, and had to smile as my inner karma kicked in. Wow ! All that pain of ‘superior separation’ I had created, just because I had to stand outside in the wind for 15 mins ! All based on zero evidence beyond that which my mental assumptions had created. I had crafted a story of me vs ‘the other’ that had brought unfounded and untrue agitation and frustration into an otherwise peaceful day.


How many times a day does this happen to you in some form?


Laughing, I asked the assistant if there was anything else she needed help with. She looked surprised and thanked me for watching the desk while she ran over the road to use the toilet. It felt in some small way as though my energetic apology to the first woman had been heard by the Universe.


This is living unity in action.


It comes in the moments when we realise that every time we judge another without having any context for what they are going through, doing or being, we only ever judge ourselves and create unnecessary mental, emotional tension.


The example might sound small and trivial, but I am guessing it resonates with you. This is the place where our work really begins. Unless we can find and transform all the habits of thinking and feeling inside each and every one of us that maintain the illusion of ‘us vs them’, we will never be able to fully live in unity.


We are living in a time when the old stories are crumbling.


This year, I have made more friends, have been on more Zoom calls and been involved in more global unity events and movements than ever before. And we are only in June!


Do you honestly believe that you are connected to those around you or not?


Do you believe that we are living in a global system of interdependency? COVID and #blacklivesmatter have brought that into sharp focus already!


Do you understand and believe that you share molecules with every other being in the Universe…or not?


Your answer to these questions will determine the stories you tell and those you live within.


Unity in action requires that we tackle any and all inner beliefs that we are separate and superior. When we can catch our judgements, just like I did in the post office, and humbly embrace our own human tendency to divide and compete, then we can also embrace our remembering and reconnection to unity in every area of life.


And we all need more practice!


So why not join me and the team at Whole World View for an 8 day adventure to understand, experience and embody unity in action during World Unity Week?


It’s the adventure of our lifetimes.


Come on, let’s do this together.


Afterall – we are all connected !




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