Unity is one of those words that can mean many things and hide many secrets. We come to it when we are ready and not before, although its sweet aroma stalks us every day of our lives. The Unity Stage in the Restory Cycle is by its very nature hard to describe in words. Many teachers, saints and laymen and women have attempted to do so, each with a unique voice. And yet, like every story, these accounts feel incomplete. Unity is something we must discover ourselves.

In its largest sense, unity represents a realization and conscious merging of our individual story into the vaster mythology of the cosmos. In true unity, our questions, our seeking and our hunger all fall silent in the face of the truth that all of life and its events are interconnected. This is the place where we step beyond our narratives, identities and beliefs into the fertile ground of an unknown and vast territory.

Having gone through the death, rebirth and metamorphosis stages, we begin to know ourselves as something greater than a sack of bones and skin that exists to survive and grow in a world driven by power, control, status and possessions. We are asked increasingly to merge our personal agenda with the will of life itself, moving beyond all judgments and polarities. In order for this to occur, a deep surrender is required.

In coming to the sixth and final stage, we inevitably come full circle back to its beginning. Elements of the Spark Stage that we were born into are assimilated and understood for the first time in new ways, facilitated by our journey through the rest of the cycle. The connection with life that we experienced as a young child comes fully back to us now in adult form. We find an expanded sense of agency within the myth of unity. It is the ultimate act of self-responsibility and the moment in time when we transcend the victim narrative completely. When we unify with life, there are no more excuses. We become a part of creation itself.

Extract from Tough Bliss: Restorying Life

  • Do you trust that life holds a bigger story for you than the one you are living?
  • Are you ready to surrender your ‘victim’ for good?
  • Are you willing to move into a story where ‘me’ serves ‘we’?

Welcome to the final part of the Restory Cycle. The stage where we step into Unity with all of life on earth.



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