When I was small, unity was all I understood.

I grew up in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. My community were the Trees, the Yukka, the Deer. I saw no difference between my Red Rock family and my human family. We were all a part of life on Earth.


Then we moved away to England and I was taught (forcibly) to forget.

Thankfully, I never forgot completely. As a depressed teenager, struggling to comprehend a human world of separation and competition that made no sense to me, Nature and my, more than human, family provided me a lifeline again and again and again.


Despite the various attempts by the English school system to extinguish the memory of unity, I resisted with all of life that I held deep within my cells. I rebelled. I got angry. But this was my downfall. My anger created the very separation that I was fighting so hard against. The rebel became the very thing that she hated.


The more I fought, the more I judged.

The more I judged, the more I forced my view of ‘rightness’ on others.

The more I forced, the less I loved.


I forgot unity in the end …all in an attempt to fight to keep her story alive.


You see, I had to forget and the forgetting was a test which would form the foundation of my future work. In order to truly regain balance and empathy, I had to deeply understand the intricate workings of the story of duality. I had to immerse myself in it.


Conflict, stress, fear, anger, imposter syndrome…these are all shades of the story of separation. And I had to experience them, in order to understand how to overcome them: first inside of myself and then with others. I had to drop into the depths of the darkness of duality in order to see the light at the end of the tunnel of interconnection…I had to forget and remember. Remember that everything relaxes and calms when we move from Me to We, in the biggest sense of that story. That we can feel peace inside of our bones when we reconnect to the truth that we knew when we were kids – the truth that we are all one. That we are connected to everything else through the molecules of life.



Whatever you do to every other being in the circle of life, you do to yourself – because you are one.”

White Buffalo Calf Woman


Living in the story of unity requires attention, surrender and faith.


Attention to the moments when we slip back into the forgetting.

Surrender to the flow of an interconnected life that has a wisdom beyond that of our mind.

Faith that our life has a purpose and is a unique thread in the tapestry of life on Earth, without which, the pattern wouldn’t know itself as fully or be as beautiful.


It is time to remember that Me is We and Us is Them.


It’s time to relax into the arms of Unity.



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  • Linda buchanan August 19, 2018   Reply →

    Good read and wow….honouring ALL your ancestors be it trees earth air wind and fire…and of course the stone people!!!
    L9ving your work..
    Bless8ngs 💗

    • Genevieve Boast August 20, 2018   Reply →

      Blessings Linda! Really appreciate your time, love and support. May all our ancestors be made proud of the work we are standing up and doing in the world!

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