WE ARE Divine

For as long as I have been alive, I have felt ‘bigger’ than my body.

For as long as I have walked this Earth, I have known that I AM infinite.

For as long as life has existed, I have been a part of all that is.


For we are not just human.

We are divine.

We are a part of every molecule in existence.

And every atom that is yet to be.

When we know this deep truth in every cell of our being, we are free.

Because we can never again be distracted.

By story.

By pain.

By suggestion.


When we embrace our true divinity, we become all that is.

And judgment ceases.

Opinion ceases.

Duality ceases.


WE become ALL.

WE become unified.

WE realise ourselves as sovereign.


WE ARE divine.


Being human is just one facet of the complex jewel of our existence.

Being human is a gift to all the worlds of consciousness.

Being human is an essential role in the story of life.


BEING human is divine.


WE ARE the only ones who can choose our freedom.

In a world that pulls out every trick to convince us otherwise.


WE ARE the only ones who can bring balance to disorder.

By refusing to live a lie.

By refusing to listen to the old magic.

The old story.


WE ARE already the change we are seeking.

Because we are becoming aware of that which we have always been.


WE ARE divine.






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