The phrase ‘being stretched too thinly’ can apply in a number of different ways.


Often we associate this with stress or overload in our ‘doing’ aspects of life. When we are manically busy and overwhelmed with the number of things that need to be done.


However, I choose to look at this in a different way.

In terms of narrative and inner belief.


Which part of your story is being stretched thin right now?


Over our lives we adopt different identities, persona’s and habits that help us to survive in the social and environmental context that we have placed ourselves within. These can include ways of thinking, speaking and living that allow us to be accepted into the social group or family that we have chosen or to survive in the habitat that we reside within.


They can be obvious such as our roles as parents or the job we inhabit, or they can be subtle such as people-pleasing patterns we learned as children in order to be accepted.


However, every story eventually has to die so that it can be reborn.

Or transformed.

Or evolved.


You could argue that our social story as humans is undergoing just such a death and rebirth cycle right now all across the world.



Climate change

Political upheaval

Economic uncertainty


The list of stories in their death throws is ever-expanding right now.


So I ask you again –


Which narrative in your life is losing its resilience and approaching its natural end?


Which story can you no longer deny is ready to snap before your very eyes?


What part of your life are you denying or ignoring?



Maybe it’s the faith you placed in democracy?

Or maybe it’s the time you have invested in your intimate relationships?

Or your role in a social circle that feels old and outworn.


Or maybe all of these things.

These are your rubber band stories.


Instead of trying to shore them up or reduce the pressure so they stay in place for another day, week or month, why not let go?


What if you stopped putting the pressure of your expectation on to them and simply allowed them to snap in their own time, knowing that this too is part of the cycle of life and evolution?


What new story awaits when the old ones have finally snapped and died?

You will only know that when you allow the break to happen.


Fully and completely.

We can’t partially snap a rubber band.

Once it rips, it’s only a matter of time.


And what happens after it snaps you might ask?




The mystery of new narratives ready to be formed the space that is created.


Of course, all of this is governed by your choices.

The harder you hold on to the band, the more likely it is to spring back and hit you when it finally breaks!


Or you can just let go.


Let go and let in.


You will only ever be letting in the new narratives that you choose consciously.

So choose carefully.

And choose what feels like it will be in service of love.


Love for you

Love for your community

Love for your Earth

And love for your soul and spirit


When we choose this, there is no longer any rubber band to snap.

Because we have moved beyond constrictions of right/wrong, bad/good, light/dark

We have moved into the realm beyond all stories and we reside in the pure energy of creation


And destruction


But that’s a topic in and of itself for another time


Choose well

Let go of your restricting stories before your narrative band snaps


Move into love






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