Have you noticed this phenomenon lately?


Recently, whenever I find myself gathering in a group setting where there is a shared intention or vision, the power to manifest new outcomes and social stories seems to be turbo charged!


Perhaps it is the astrology of these times?

Perhaps it is the social, environmental and economic ‘crisis’ breeding a sense of urgency in our creative process?

Or perhaps this ‘gathering’ is an ancient power practice of storymaking that we are coming to see the importance of as we strive for change?


The collective unit (also known as the team, the family, the tribe, the council or the board) has been a mechanism to create transformation since time began. Animals move in herds, humans create communities, plants grow in mutually dependent ecosystems.


The reality is, that it is very hard to ‘create’ anything lasting or powerful in complete isolation. Not impossible, but hard to maintain and evolve when you are coming from a place of Me vs We.


So what is it that makes gatherings of intentional ‘people’ so powerful?


New science will tell us that our thoughts, beliefs, stories and intentions have a powerful effect on the molecular structure of material reality around us. Individually we create our environments, experiences and life lessons through the thoughts we think, the emotions we feel and the choices we make; but that personal narrative exists within the wider ocean of the collective mental, emotional and physical landscape. Therefore, if we wish to create change on a wider level than just our unique personal ecosystem (as many of us do these days), then we need to access the collective field and use it as a mirror for our own storyhacking levers and decisions.


So what does this actually mean when we get down to the business of hacking old stories and creating new ones?


Well, have you ever come away from a collective experience (such as a yoga class, group meditation, family dinner or conference) and felt yourself humming with an energy that is not entirely your own? Most of us have. The energy can be exhilarating, transformative or draining dependent on your stories and interpretations of the collective outcome. The choice of interpretation here is ours alone but the field that is created can only come from multiple people sharing a collective narrative space.


A group of people gathering together combine their energy fields, stories, beliefs and wisdom to create a combined narrative container. Within this container, transformation is always possible but we need to be super aware of the dynamics within it in order to make new choices at the exact moments that will catalyse transformation.


When we gather together intentionally we can create –

  • Resonance or dissonance
  • Positive, life affirming harmonies, or life destroying disharmonies
  • New personal and collective stories
  • Powerful narrative ‘hacks’ that change everyone who experiences the reframe and restory in the moment it happens.


The power of gathering together with intention only magnifies as more people join the collective container for transformation. Solitude is needed to grow our reflective capabilities and our self-awareness but collective wisdom only emerges in the wider social weave when we can play our unique story of ‘Me’ within the context of the wider human story of ‘We’.”


It takes many narrative threads to make a mythic shawl.


I used to question whether gatherings such as conferences actually catalyzed any long lasting change. My old story was that they were ‘talking shops’ where people would come together to feel positive and enthusiastic about a transformation yet go away and allow the energy built to dissipate and remain un-used.


I am the first to admit that my story here has now changed.


I realized that it is not the collective container of the conference itself that creates the change but the shared intention / vision and quality of the participants that provide the levers for sustainable transformation. If we gather intentionally with sustained focus to hack old stories then guess what happens? Magic, that’s what.


In a week’s time, I will be gathering with an amazing group of souls at the annual WIN Conference in Athens. Here we will be focusing for a number of days on Pioneering The Future and catalyzing individual and collective transformation in the stories of female empowerment and leadership.


Why not join us and add your narrative thread to the weave of a whole new story of feminine transformation on the planet?

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