How many times must we be reborn in one life?


Over a decade ago when I was stood at the brink of a cliff that would see my whole life transform from the outside-in, I would have told you that this kind of ‘dark night of the soul’ rebirth only comes rarely.


Perhaps known as a ‘midlife crisis’ or an ‘empty-nester meltdown’, we are taught that these major life transitions only come once in a while. Perhaps 2-3 times if we live that long.


Yet these days when ‘black swan’ events seem to happen every other week, I appear to be restorying my narrative.

When I look back at the last four years alone, the number of inside out transformations in my life have been constant.


Change seems to be inevitable these days.


The invitation to transform is a siren song heard on the wind for all who have the ears to hear it.


The sign we have as to ‘when’ it is time to move on and take a new path is that our current circumstances quickly become difficult and then ultimately unbearable. The more we resist the change, the worse it gets.


The first question is are we listening?

The second is, are we willing to act on that which we know deep inside.


Most of aren’t brave enough.

At least at first.


So, we try to ignore the voice of change and stay safe.

We are tempted by an old, very well-known path.

One that we have walked many, many times over.

Yet this path will only lead us to stagnation and sorrow.


Our spirits long to grow.

Our souls to experience life in all its vastness.


Our humanity however longs to transform.

Again, and again and again.


It is the nature of our true path.

To lead us to lessons that test us.

Usually right to the limit of our abilities.

This helps us to learn.


But this path of the soul is one that we wish to avoid.

It is one we try to ignore.

However, eventually it will trick us into walking it.


Ultimately, the lure of our true story will become so strong, we will be unable to avoid it any longer. We will remember in time that this is the path of our destiny.


So why not choose to walk the path of the soul instead of running away?

Why not welcome risk and embrace change?

Why not discover that to transform is to live a healthy life?


The sooner we step on to our soul’s path, the easier our lessons will be.


Instead of avoiding change and dealing with escalating life tests until we finally do listen, we can instead embrace it as it comes to us.


Celebrate each passing cycle as a necessary learning phase of our lives, and step into new and unknown future with anticipation in our hearts.


This path is not easy, but it is exhilarating.

It is inevitable.


So which path will you choose?

And when?


Are you listening?

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  • Chloe Goodchild April 11, 2022   Reply →

    Great work Genevieve

    Especially lthe Opening of the Mouth story

    How are you?



    • Genevieve Boast April 15, 2022   Reply →

      Ahhh blessed friend! I am well – lets connect (genevieve@beyondhumanstories.com)!
      Missing you

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