A question that stalks us throughout our lives.

One that we never fully answer (even if we think we do).


The question that is with us at our beginning.

And our ending.


It fuels our sense of belonging.

And creates our identity.

Over and over again.


It leads us to death.


And every experience in between.


It is a question that many are afraid to ask.

Because it brings uncertainty.

And longing.


It leads us to the legacy of our soul.

Redefines our stories.

Pushes us out of our narrative comfort zones.


When was the last time you asked it?

Have you ever stopped long enough to fully hear the answer?


Do you know how to listen beyond your human stories?

To journey through the tangled web of your habits,

Into the space of pure potential that surrounds them.


One simple question.

Can give you a lifetime of answers.



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