The Path of the Dawn Star

Written by Brooke Medicine Eagle and Genevieve Boast

Published in Indie Shaman Magazine – April 2018


Let me tell you a story of an amazing being that walked across the water into central America a few thousand years ago, bringing a teaching of love from the heart and oneness with each other and the great Creator. He was known as Dawn Star, for he prayed to the dawn star, Venus, every morning and was himself seen as the dawning star of a whole new day on earth, where love and brother/sisterhood would create a golden time. And a radiant time ensued as people followed his way, using their resources in positive and empowering ways for the good of the people rather than in judgment and warring. Dawn Star moved among the people sharing his Flower Song teachings and eventually made his way back to his central temple in Golden Tula. There, he offered his final words before it was his time to leave the planet allowing a new cycle to begin. It’s said that people from many lands gathered and formed a circle 20 miles deep and that when Dawn Star spoke, people of every culture and at the farthest distance heard and understood his powerful words.

We have come to a critical time, a crossroads. We have created a very beautiful time, and IF you continue these ways of unity and love, your lives and the earth will grow in beauty into a golden time and the feats you accomplish will be even more powerful than mine.” Yet, with some sadness, he continued with these words, knowing that the people were not ready and able to keep the practice and ways strong. “If you do not keep these ways of love and unity, if you separate and divide and judge and fight, you will fall so far that standing here in Golden Tula on this radiant day, it seems inconceivable.” And the people could not keep those ways, so what ensued on the American continent was genocide – native tribes warred and joined with incoming foreigners to attempt domination over others and everyone lost. It was a nightmare beyond imagining.


So, here we are again in our time, facing a crossroads.


We find ourselves at a unique point in the story of life on earth. The Internet has redefined ‘friendship’ and ‘intimacy’ with vast online media platforms connecting people all across the world. The relative ease of travel has opened up experiences of new lands, cultures and wisdom traditions, ancient and modern. At no other time in history have we had such an ability to connect with each other and the world around us. At no other time have been as able to experience the unified experience of being human.

So why is it so many people are sick and lonely, seeking healing and connection? Why is stress a mainstream dis-ease and technology addiction, social numbness and addiction prevalent in almost every society in the world? Why is it still so easy to ‘go to war’ personally and collectively against others? We have forgotten what true love and wholeness is and in the process we have forgotten who we really are. We have forgotten the teachings of the Dawn Star.



Having worked for years in mainstream media, I am more than aware that the dominant western narrative of growth and consumption keeps us stuck in a perpetual cycle of lack. When we are focused on ‘more’ (whatever that translates into at the time – money, food, sex, power, expertise, respect – the list is truly endless), we are by default ‘not enough’ in the moment. Given we are taught that this need for ‘more’ is endless, we are never enough by the various standards that we are socially programmed to live up to. To break the cycle of lack, we need to break the story of disconnection once and for all.

For me, ‘wholeness’ is always synonymous with a deep and sensual connection with life. I am whole when I am living in harmony with the Earth. When I feel my familial relationships with the creatures, plants and seasons as they pass by me and through me. When I live in closer relationship with the land beneath my feet and the sky above me, I am filled with and appreciation, and gratitude and rarely worry about what is perceivably ‘missing’ from life. My heart opens, and I am reintegrated within the family of life.



Our natural knowing is of our connectedness, our Oneness with All Our Relations; yet our modern life and this very powerful new frontal lobe of our brain has taken our attention away from that fact. Now that we have developed the immense capabilities of that human aspect of ourselves, it is time to re-integrate with the wholeness of ourselves, especially the older parts of our brain that carry information about who we are in connection with all of life – and give us living intelligence (not just the intellectual understanding of the new brain). That profound intelligence is vital as we now move into living in true harmony with all Life – our lives depend upon it!




Becoming whole again is a journey that restores our authentic human identity and power. Once we reconnect to our bodies, we start to feel our own deep wisdom and remember the ancient teachings of love as life. Our instinctive and intuitive capabilities are fully engaged; we remember how to listen to the voice of our unique story once again. Life becomes a joy-filled dance between individuality and unity.  Our true story of Me, places itself in service of a greater story of We on earth and our unique thread in the human tapestry come alive with grace and vitality.

This ‘holiness’ the Dawn Star originally spoke of, is the answer to our discontent and disconnect. Re-integrating ourselves, requires us to surrender the old stories of separation and isolation that we have gathered and let them go so that we can let in a new sense of interconnection and belonging. We remember what it means to love and be loved by the each other and the Earth.


The truth is, we have always been enough. We have always been powerful. We have always had choice and we have always been loved.


We just need to remember. Remember and reconnect to our inherent wholeness. Reconnect to the holiness of living life in a human form.


Genevieve and Brooke will be teaching workshops on the wisdom of the Dawn Star in the UK in London and Avebury throughout August 2018

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