This month is one of the most fertile times of the wheel of the year on earth. Not because things are growing but because we are planting the seeds of our future stories deep in the soil of our lives.


We are able to sink into the inner realms of our imagination and harvest the lessons and blessings of the previous twelve months. This is the time of year when I draw a line in the sand and decide how I wish to co-create the next twelve months in harmony with Universal Law.



Throughout the previous year, we will have been given clues as to the story we are currently choosing and therefore weaving into the molecular fabric of our reality systems.


These clues will have been presented to us in a number of different forms such as –





Miraculous opportunities

Situations that have triggered us mentally and emotionally

Challenges that we have lived through



Unless we pause and take the time to look at the various threads of our experiences, then we will continue to weave a life that is scattered, confused and directionless. Symptoms of overwhelm, stress, exhaustion and depression are all signs that we need to stop our ‘doing’ for a period of time and pay attention to our ‘choosing’.


When we stop, we can see the tapestry that we are creating with our life choices.


Imagine that your life is a loom on which you create the experiences and stories that you end up living.


You might see the weft of the loom (the structural, vertical threads) as your destiny. The container for alchemy that you chose before you were born into the form you now inhabit.


The weave of the loom however is yours to craft. The colours, textures and patterns of your life weaving are manifested through your free will and choices.


Everything we experience stems from a choice of some kind.


Years ago my dear friend and aunt Tanah Whitemore from Sacred Ground shared with me a teaching. Known as the ‘four human powers’ these teachings were gifted by the angels and have served as reminders to me in all the years since I first heard them.


The four powers are intimately connected to the path of Wisdom Weaving in our life looms as they provide the mechanism for the weaving process itself.


They are –

  1. You have absolute dominion over the molecules
  2. You have free will
  3. You are the namer of your life (world)
  4. You receive all of God’s good (infinite


Put another way – the threads you choose, command the molecules of life which in turn create the experiences we have that form the stories we live within. We then use the power of the ‘word’ to make meaning, tell more stories that embed these threads and create everything that we are and everything that we do on Earth.


Powerful huh?


Yes you are.

And so am I.


Or perhaps ‘I AM’ powerful in my choice to weave the wisdom of the Universe on my loom of Earth life.


‘We ARE’ powerful in the choices we now make at these pivotal times in earth’s history and evolution.


What will you choose to weave today?

And tomorrow?

And for all your future threads?

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