So I woke up this morning with the light from a full Virgo moon streaming down my face as I lay in bed.

It was magical.
And so very natural.


I imagined it was how countless numbers of our ancestors would have been awoken in times past.

And as my eyes adjusted to the almost dawn level light in my bedroom in the mountains, I was stunned to see other night birds and small animals out on the rocks around our house, also enjoying the enchanted moment.


So instead of getting up and sitting down to my emails (as is my habit these days), I left all the lights off and drew myself a bath.

I soaked in the moonlight that beamed itself right into my bath tub and I set some intentions (for full moons are a great time to release the past and set new visions for the future).

The voices of the mountain told me that whatever I let go of in the bath would drain away as soon as I let the water out. So I meditated.


I allowed old stories, fears, beliefs, and identities come up and float around me in the water. I honoured the part they had played in my life so far and I told them that it was time to go.

I looked kindly and lovingly on my body that has carried me through this life with good health and massive resilience to the Earth and human changes that are currently underway. And I allowed every scrap of self judgement that I could ever remember feeling towards it melt into the soft warm waters.

Then I went to the core. I went to the root of the most fundamental mythology that I have based my entire existence on. The myth of what it means to be human. I let that go. In full.


You see, I believe that we are at the turning of a great age on this planet.

As Joanna Macy would say, we are living through The Great Turning.


The direction that this takes is both in our hands and somewhat out of it.
We have ultimate free choice as to how we participate in the transformation of our families, our communities, our society and our relationship to the planetary and cosmic systems that we are intimately interconnected with.

However, they have choice too.


Our ancestors of many races would tell us that every living and non-living thing has energy and essence, and, therefore, a degree of choice. Their choice might not look or feel like ours but it’s there nonetheless.

Are the diverse tribes of Earth choosing to allow humans to remain a part of this planet’s future?

I believe so. However, they are also asking us to evolve and interact with them as a core part of our planetary and universal ecosystem.


So as I allowed every old story about ‘being / doing human’ to wash away from my ecosystem, I was struck with the power of my choice in this micro moment of magic on the moonlit mountain.

I chose to become a citizen of Earth.

I chose to remember that I am interconnected to all life in the Universe and live from that place.

I chose to forge into unknown territory and fully embrace the adventure of a life lived during The Great Turning, knowing that it will be far more magical and beautiful than I could ever imagine.


Just like this moonlit morning, surrounded by my mountain family.

And then I rose and let the bathwater drain away into the Earth, stepping out naked into the moonlight of a new dawn and a new day.


What do you choose?

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