(And so is everyone else)


One of the challenges of living in these times of global transformation is that we find ourselves in a landscape of shifting narratives. One that has been dominated for centuries by individuality and the survival of separate groups, to a new story where the forces of change on our planet require that we find solutions to common challenges and unify our approach on a planetary scale.

Having grown up in a family full of high expectations and ideals, I was taught from a young age that I was ‘special’ and had a unique purpose and mission to fulfill in my lifetime. Whilst somewhat empowering, this story also has its downsides and continues to catch me in various ego traps as I develop a finer sense of the shadows of my persona.



Yes – I am special. I am unique. I do have purpose. None of these things are in question.



However, when this narrative thread leads me towards a pattern of subconscious superiority, privilege and elitism then, of course, I find myself swimming in the murky waters of half-truths and confusion. The main shadow to the narrative of the ‘chosen one’ is that underneath this grand persona, most of us can never escape the sense that we are failing to meet its expectation in our minds. We aren’t good enough, strong enough, doing enough, making enough impact… Never enough of anything in comparison to a messiah-like self image. It’s a slippery slope to self-defeat. Of course our culture of celebrity only fuels this fire and ensures that we spend years secretly criticizing our apparent lack of progress against a heroic ambition that we will never achieve.



You see, the truth that is emerging, more than ever in our times, is that we all come from the same stuff. Whether we call that stardust, creation, molecules or cells, we all start life from the same process, grown in the same way. We face similar challenges and increasingly find ourselves thrown into a global environment where we have to work together to find a way to survive into the next millennia of our species development.



Our task is to tap into and harness the power of our individuality and unique story whilst remembering that we are interconnected to everyone and everything else.



Yes we are each special. We are each ‘chosen’ to live a diverse and varied life path. Yet each of us is dependent on each other and on all of life on Earth.



We are all –

Unique AND unified

Diverse AND communal

Special AND normal



Each of us has a choice to find our story and weave our unique life gifts into the diverse tapestry of life in our chosen environment and ecosystem. It is up to us to harmonise with our human and more than human tribes and find a sense of connection and belonging amongst the vast diversity of the world around us.



Perhaps it is a cosmic joke that we are living in a world of AND.



Yes – you are the chosen one.

Chosen to live your life well and beautifully.

Chosen to celebrate the ups and downs of existence.



And so is everyone and everything else.


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