Yoga means union.


Union draws together all the disparate parts of our inner and outer worlds, weaving them into a coherent story and pattern so that we can once again feel ‘whole.


Years ago, I started to practice yoga.


At first, I thought it was primarily for my body. To move energy, keep fit, lose weight and strengthen all my muscles, bones, tendons and ligaments. This is true still even today, after 16 years of consistent practice.


Very quickly however, I realised that my practice was just as much (if not more) for my terribly overactive mind. As a Gemini sun, I have been described by a dear friend as ‘the cosmic switchboard’, constantly interacting on multiple levels with a vast array of beings in this world and beyond it. As a result, for many years I wouldn’t rest – ever. I would constantly be talking to someone or another, analysing my own inner processes and / or reading up to 10 different books simultaneously to keep my incessantly hungry mind occupied.


Yoga changed all that.

It harmonised and balanced the parts of me that were misaligned and generally out of whack.


Yoga brought integrity to my mind.

It integrated all the various factions that used to fight each other and compete for dominance in my inner world.


Now when I come to my mat or my meditation every day, I come seeking integration and re-union between the various aspects of my ‘self’ that are arising to be noticed. This is a process that is beyond ‘mind’ and ‘body’. It is an ancient wisdom field full of power and presence.


It is I feel, a space where through the ages, yogi’s, mystics, mothers, brothers, doctors, writers, seekers, sleepers and everyone in between have come to find their soul.


Yoga of any kind taps into a morphic field pattern that calls our unique form of practice and soul into embodiment beyond the facets of the mind that would keep us from experiencing this direct feeling of union.


Union with all the parts of our self is one of the most powerful places we can reside as humans. Especially in a world where we are constantly taught, coerced, and bribed to buy into and live from the illusion of separation.


One of the core ‘soulistic practices’ that my friend Lorna and I talk about in our book The Soulistic Journey is that of ‘unfurling yoga’. A yoga that at this time of early Spring, allows us to gradually feel into the ‘seeds’ within us that wish to be planted into the soil of our lives to germinate as we grow.


This can be a physical practice anywhere on the scale from gentle to vigorous depending on your level of experience and desire. It can also be a mental / emotional practice that embraces contemplation, meditation and storyhacking to allow you to calm the nerves of your mind in order to understand who you are on a deeper level.


There are as many types of yoga in the world as there are books that profess to teach you these methods however, I would always invite you to find your own path through this. Notice which teachers, books, podcasts or YouTube videos drawn you the most and allow yourself to play with various styles and techniques so that you can find your own kaleidoscope of union.


There is no right way, no right ‘yoga body’ and no excuse for why you cannot enter into a practice of union.


Afterall, the union is with your soul alone and your soul will lead you.

All you need to do is listen and keep practicing!



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